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GreenVita Carrefour Market

Rambla dels Estudis, 113
08001 Barcelona

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The ingredient is our #hero!

If we could define with words what Greenvita represents, we would say that we are a restaurant with healthy and ecological cuisine fostered by an unpretentious, healthy and balanced cuisine, where our ingredients… Are the real heroes! We were born with the simple and clear intention of providing you with good food not only for the palate, but also for your health. Our motto perfectly reflects our philosophy: “Eat well, live well!”.

For this reason, you will discover that our wide range of dishes is especially good for the palate, but even more importantly, good for the body, always respecting different types of diets ranging from carnivorous, vegetarian, to vegan and gluten-free.

Taking care of yourself and enjoying what you eat has never been so easy with #GreenVita!

healthy kitchen

For that reason, the search for the best ingredients in GreenVita always goes through:

  • Fresh and organic ingredients
  • Producers that carry out responsible and ecological practices.
  • Ingredients without refined sugars, without preservatives, without artificial colors.

In our kitchens, all this translates into offering you a kitchen based on the following ingredients:

  • Local Fruits and Vegetables: They come from responsible agriculture and from local producers, respecting the point of maturity and temporality. At GreenVita we always support local trade and especially local producers!
  • Real Eco Quinoa: It is one of the most nutritious grains and in GreenVita 3 varieties from the ecological cultivation of southern Bolivia are offered: pearl, red and black. Have you ever tasted this wonder of the nature? When you do… You won’t be able to keep it away from your daily diet!
  • Integral Organic Rice: Rice is a fundamental cereal in all healthy food, and in GreenVita you can taste the integral eco-friendly rice and the black and red venere eco-friendly rices, of Asian origin.
  • Legumes: They are a source of vitamin B, fiber and iron. In the GreenVita menu we offer Caviar or Black Asia lentils, with 20% more protein than normal.
  • Organic or Organic Gluten Free Pasta (Corn, Kamur and Spelled).
  • Chicken Corral: They come from animals raised in freedom that are fed with grain of corn and free of antibiotics, respecting the ethical production methods that offer quality of life to the animal while improving the quality of the final product in its flavor and consistency.
  • Fresh Fish: Always seasonal, such as the Salmon of the South of Norway and the Cod fish fished with hook in Iceland that arrives in 24 hours to our restaurants.
  • Organic Veal: Ripollès beef. Feeded with 100% of the pasture of the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees, it create a meat of high quality and low level of fat, but also the animal production method follows an ethic that respects the health and life of the animal. After all, the quality of life of the animal represents the final quality of the product.
  • Bread: The GreenVita breads are double fermented to offer you the best flavors and the greatest benefits of this food.
  • Wine: The wine in GreenVita is natural, handmade and without chemical fertilizers, and we also have a wine list of organic wines from small producers.
  • Drinks: GreenVita offers a menu of natural and ecological 100% natural beverages without additives. You will not find anything healthier than combining our dishes with our drinks selection!
  • Organic coffee: Award for the best blend2018.
healthy kitchen

There is a very wise saying: “We are what we eat.” For that reason, it is essential to always eat the best in order to live with the maximum well-being and consequently, feel better. If you are looking to start a new healthy life and full of delicious flavors… Look no more, because what you need is to adapt the philosophy of GreenVita to your life! Come get to know us and our dishes in order to discover that healthy lifestyle that you are looking for. Take the first step with us and find your path to health and well-being!

Thank you very much for reading and until next time!