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Hi everybody! September is over, yes! Literally! But we couldn’t leave you without our blog … How far away are the holidays, right? But don’t worry, the following ones are already sticking their heads around the corner.

And while you were on the beach in August, we were working !! Didn’t you see our blog? Come on! Take a look at it!! In the August blog we talked about how to have perfect skin … and, we believe that, with the return to work, car smoke, sweat, stress … surely your skin has not improved!

* Please, if you are one of those who are always perfect, even in the middle of a shipwreck, do not keep reading. For the rest of the mortals here you have some tips that, together with the 6 we already presented last month, will make your skin look perfect.

Tip 7. Get rid of acne! Turmeric is ideal for removing this problem on the skin because it is anti-inflammatory, and helps prevent pimples. Buy a large jar of turmeric and make it a staple ingredient in your dishes !!

Tip 8: Wild, wild … If you are a wild person, then, the best for you are the wild fruits, great antioxidants, which make our skin healthy structurally and cellularly; in addition, they are great for protecting the most intimate parts of the body.

Tip 9: Spiru-what? If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, you already know what we are talking about. If you aren’t … what are you waiting for to sign up? Spirulina is a superfood, one of the ones we like to discover first of all at GreenVita, which keeps our skin young. This seaweed, which has large amounts of nutrients and detoxifiers, helps regenerate cells and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Want more tips? Well, soon more! We promise !! For now, you can apply the 9 we have explained recently and we are sure that, with them, we will see you shine on the street.

And, as we always say: “Eat well, live well.”

See you soon