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Off to sea GreenViters! Many of us are waiting for a few days of vacation, our batteries are already a little discharged because of the accumulated hustle and bustle of the whole year and as we are aware of this, we are going to give you some tips with the benefits of the sea for you to charge batteries and increase your well-being during this summer season.

A healthy and balanced gastronomic offer

As you may know, our gastronomic offer, healthy and balanced, based on fresh, seasonal food, cooked at the moment, without fried or processed products, is a guarantee of well-being that added to good habits, will make you feel good throughout the whole year.

Even so, each season of the year offers us unique experiences worth appreciating. In this blog, we want to immerse you in the sea, a great ally within the reach of many during these holidays.

First, a little history

The therapeutic benefits have been known since ancient Greece. physically and mentally bathing in the sea. precisely, the Thalassotherapy (thalassa means sea in Greek) is a method of therapy [1] that is based on the use of different marine environments [2], together or separately (seawater [3], algae [4], mud [5] and other substances extracted from the sea) and the marine climate as a therapeutic agent.

But let’s do a quick review of the benefits of the sea

If you take a good bath in the sea, you will increase your defenses and It will improve your well-being, you will reduce the level of stress and the mental exhaustion because, the negative ions of the sea air (these negative ions are also found in the mountains), favor the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is activated as a natural “antidepressant”.

Los beceficios del mar | Greenvita, restaurante de comida sana en Barcelona

In addition, sea baths increase the concentration of iron in blood, ideal for people with mild levels of anemia.

Activate your body at sea

Contact with fresh sea water and the exercise we do when we bathe, our body activates and improves our circulation, this, together with the benefits that the sun gives us and walks along the seashore will make us feel “reborn” again.

Benefits of the sea on the skin

We will be even more beautiful inside and out. Yes, yes, all these benefits are also internal,they will transfer to our skin. The minerals that the water contains sea, salt, sulfur, iodine,… exert a draining effect and disinfectant on skin impurities. The sea breeze and the sun will help us to dry it and regenerate it so we will be more radiant.

Also if you have breathing problems such as sinusitis, marine environment exerts a very beneficial effect by the action of the moisture, which fluidizes the secretions.

What minerals do we find in the sea?

  • Sodium, responsible for its salty taste and regulator of liquids bodily;
  • Potassium, essential to maintain heart and muscle tone;
  • Iodine, which acts on the thyroid gland and has great power on disinfecting our skin;
  • Magnesium, which enhances the immune system and is an element important against aging;
  • Sulfur, effective against rheumatism and strengthens bones and tendons,
  • Silicon, an excellent preventative of infectious diseases which is also effective in bone, vascular,
    nervous and respiratory.

Always with caution

Despite all these and many other benefits, we must remind you to always take precautions before bathing, doing it in supervised areas, easily accessible, follow the recommendations and, if possible, always do it with company.

Now you know Greenviter, enjoy a refreshing bath in the beach, another of the pleasures that we can enjoy in summer and, especially during these holidays.

We all know that before doing any physical activity of a certain intensity, we have to warm up to avoid injuries and drink to avoid dehydration, but what to eat after doing sport?

Hello Greenviter! Summer is an ideal time to exercise outdoors as long as it is not in hours of intense heat.

What foods are healthy?

Well yes, there are healthy foods to eat after doing sport that promote muscle recovery, provide us with the nutrients that we have lost during physical activity and are the perfect complement to our sports session.

List of healthy foods to eat after doing sport

We recommend these 8 healthy foods to eat after doing sport:

  1. Banana: ideal for muscle recovery because it is rich in potassium (to prevent muscle cramps) and magnesium, which has anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Blue Fish: Its essential amino acids and omega 3 contribute to strengthening muscle mass. It is recommended for training sessions of moderate or high intensity. Salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, are some of the most common oily fish.
  3. Eggs: thanks to their rich contribution of high-quality protein that helps fat loss and muscle recovery.
  4. Avocado: its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and proteins of vegetable origin favors cardiovascular health, the recovery of muscle mass and maintaining optimal cholesterol levels.
  5. Rice: brown rice is an excellent source of fuel against physical exhaustion and also helps us to recover the intestinal mucosa and eliminate waste.
  6. Soy milk: provides a large amount of energy to the body thanks to its healthy fats and its high amount of protein. In addition, its vitamins and fiber make it ideal for athletes in general and high-impact training.
  7. Nuts: Almonds or walnuts are a source of fiber that also give us energy back quickly. Proteins and essential fatty acids are responsible for its beneficial properties.
  8. Quinoa: it is an excellent satiating agent, it is easy to digest and, in addition to fiber and protein, it is an ideal antioxidant to keep our cells young.

Your healthy realfood restaurant

You already know, Greenvita is your healthy realfood restaurant in Barcelona.

In our menu we offer you different healthy and delicious dishes where these ingredients are the main protagonists.

We suggest these healthy dishes for after sport:

After doing sports, stop by your favorite GreenVita or order at greenvita.com and let yourself be taken care of because you don’t forget that a good diet is the basis of good health.