Basic tips for finding mushrooms

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Mushrooms are one of the star products of the season that brings us fall. Its demand extends worldwide for its healthy properties and its ecological characteristics, two very present reasons in the current food trends.

Apart from its enormous culinary possibilities, the experience of going to look for them, alone or in family, is a healthy physical activity and at the same time very gratifying that puts us in contact with nature. We recommend a responsible practice with the environment, taking care
of the environment and the different animal species.

Harvesting and consumption have exploded in our nearby areas in recent years, with private collections becoming increasingly popular. Propitiated by the recommendation of the authentic chefs “influencers”and partly also thanks to the disposition of many millions of surface area conducive to its production. This popularization has favored the so-called
mycological tourism and because it is a limited natural resource in some areas it is necessary, as in Catalonia, to obtain a permit.

It is recommended to be accompanied by people who know the different types of mushrooms or carry manuals with good photographs that allow us to identify them.
We can not forget that some species can be toxic or poisonous, and can lead to death. We will not catch the mushroom in any doubt.

The most common edible varieties in our environment are: hygrophorus, camagroc or yellow trumpet, rovellon, níscalo, chanterelle, negril, scarlet hygrophorus and trumpet of the dead. In this link you can see a list of edible mushrooms and another of toxic click here.

Also this universe has adapted to the current technological trends and there are several applications for mobile devices to facilitate the activity, including some free and other payment with additional content.

Mush tool is a photo catalog for Android and iOS
Boletus mushroom finder in the Google Play store
Pro Metas identifies more than 300 species in Android version and version for iPhone and iPad
Funginote in its iOS-only version identifies wild mushrooms and mushrooms with images and indicative comments
Mushrooms Setamanía shows the collection of mushrooms from Spain only in Android version
Trackeen Edition Mushrooms saves our route and generates the route in Google Maps. Not available in our country.

Basic Tips for Finding Mushrooms:

Check the weather forecast for the area.
Equip yourself properly.
Bring food and water.
Take benchmarks.
Carry maps and GPS.
Adapt the activity to our physical condition and age.
Do not just go and keep in touch with the group.
Do not mess up the mountain.
Plan the route and return time.

In GreenVita we cook with seasonal products since it is when they have a better flavor and are available in the agriculture of our area. Currently we are working on the autumn menu, we will surprise you with delicious recipes and ingredients such as pumpkin, artichokes, figs, pomegranate and of course mushrooms. Do not miss it!