Los beceficios del mar | Greenvita, restaurante de comida sana en Barcelona

Benefits of the sea

Off to sea GreenViters! Many of us are waiting for a few days of vacation, our batteries are already a little discharged because of the

Alergia alimentaria | Greenvita, restaurante de comida sana en Barcelona

Food allergies

What do you know about food allergies? Today we dare to give you a few touches on allergens and the importance of being well identified

Astenia primaveral | Cómo combatirla en Greenvita, restautrante de comida sana en Barcelona


Hello GreenViters! Have any of you ☝🏼 noticed a feeling of tiredness, lack of energy and difficulty concentrating coinciding with the arrival of spring? Well,

Menu saludable para Navidad | Restaurante Greenvita

Healthy Christmas menu

Greenviter, the most magical month of the year has arrived! Welcome DECEMBER. Christmas celebrations are back in style. At GreenVita we think of you when organizing this very special meeting for your company, your family or your friends.