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Healthy Christmas menu

Greenviter, the most magical month of the year has arrived! Welcome DECEMBER. Christmas celebrations are back in style. At GreenVita we think of you when organizing this very special meeting for your company, your family or your friends.

Probióticos | Restaurante Greenvita


Greenviter, surely you have heard that probiotics are good for our body and our health, but what really are probiotics and what are their benefits?

Desmentimos el mito de que comer fuera de casa no es saludable | Restaurante en Barcelona, Greenvita

We debunk the myth!

the myth that eating out is not healthy Many times we have to eat away from home. Whether for work reasons, lack of time or

Hábitos saludables | Verano en Greenvita | Restaurante de comida saludable en Barcelona

Healthy habits

Tips to maintain good habits in summer Hello Greenvitter! Welcome to the July post! Here are some tips for healthy summer habits. How are you