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The chain of healthy restaurants has nine establishments, 50,000 customers per month, more than 100 employees and a turnover of close to €10 million

Welcome Greenviters, we’re celebrating!

This November we’re celebrating the seventh anniversary of GreenVita, and we want to share with you our story from our beginnings until today. We would like to tell you about the new projects we are preparing and especially thank you for sharing all these years with us. Thank you for your trust and loyalty, and for making it possible for this project to become a reality.

We also want to express our gratitude to the more than one hundred employees, collaborators and suppliers who go all out to offer you the best service every day.

GreenVita was founded in Barcelona by Joan Manuel Gili and Dunia Moreno in 2016. Since then, this chain of healthy restaurants has been expanding its culinary philosophy and has today nine establishments, more than one hundred employees and close to 10 million euros turnover. The company wishes to mark the occasion of this anniversary by announcing its expansion plans and upcoming projects.

New workshop and premises at Fira de Barcelona

Throughout its seven years of life, GreenVita has managed to successfully consolidate itself in nine locations in Barcelona and its surroundings, in response to the growing demand for healthy and sustainable food options in the metropolitan area. Its constant growth is reflected in a turnover of close to 10 million euros. This is the result of the sales in restaurants, collaborations in projects linked to health and sustainability and online sales. In total, the chain serves more than 50,000 customers monthly through various channels.

This 2023, GreenVita has added to its capacity by opening a workshop in Barcelona, with the potential to elaborate more than 1,000 daily menus for catering services, events and food deliveries to companies. The chain has also opened a new restaurant at Fira de Barcelona in order to have a presence at the major events organised by this trade fair institution, such as the ISE and the MWC.

Upcoming Expansion Projects

On the other hand, the chain continues to develop its expansion plans, with the aim of opening new restaurants in the main business centres of Spain, Portugal and Andorra. To this end, the company is already looking for suitable premises. The objective is that a higher number of people can enjoy what GreenVita has to offer, which is focused on healthy and varied food in pleasant and accessible environments.

At the same time, two new projects led by GreenVita will soon see the light of day. The first is a pilot test with Carrefour to establish healthy food “corners” in their supermarkets. This will open a new channel to provide nutritious options to a wide variety of consumers.

Secondly, a new healthy and sustainable restaurant project is being finalised, with five large spaces being developed, created and managed by GreenVita in the new Norrsken Foundation centre in Barcelona. The spaces are aimed at the users of the foundation, which supports entrepreneurship focused on tackling big global challenges, such as poverty, famine, mental health, pollution and climate change.

Business Services and Online Menus

In 2016, entrepreneurs Joan Manuel Gili, an expert in the development of restaurant concepts, and Dunia Moreno, an economist specialised in marketing and communication, joined forces to give life to GreenVita, a gastronomic offer based on healthy cuisine, quality ingredients and customer satisfaction.

The GreenVita’s vision is to offer food that is both good in the palate and good for the body through a wide assortment of fresh dishes which contain no fried food, processed ingredients or artificial additives.

With this concept, GreenVita has become a benchmark for healthy food, offering a rich variety of options: salads and pasta bowls, grilled meat and fish, hamburgers, tacos and delicious gluten-free desserts, as well as a varied selection of coffees, teas and beverages such as organic soft drinks and organic wines. The interior layout of each restaurant is carefully designed with natural plants, light colour shades, sustainable wood furniture and some passing nods to environmental sustainability, such as recycled cardboard lamps.

Also, the staff of the restaurants have been fundamental to the success of GreenVita over the years. It is a team of more than a hundred professionals, most of them with a long career in company and focused on offering the best customer experience.

The business model of GreenVita’s restaurants is complemented by catering and event services, as well as an online store that allows you to order dishes or whole menus on the website for subsequent home delivery or collection at one of the chain’s establishments.

Joan Manuel Gili and Dunia Moreno, the co-founders of GreenVita, explain that “healthy and sustainable food has gone from being a choice to becoming a lifestyle, especially for those who eat out. This has been demonstrated by the great reception we have had in these first seven years, so we think that the time has come to explore new channels, open up to other business opportunities and be present in more cities. We want to continue promoting the elements that distinguish us: a diet based on fresh and quality ingredients, together with a close and professional service.

About GreenVita

Founded in 2016, GreenVita is a chain of healthy restaurants that focuses on offering food that is good in the palate and good for the body at the same time. Currently, it has got nine establishments in Barcelona and surroundings (Sant Cugat, Viladecans, Mataró, Terrassa and Cornellà), as well as menu services for companies, catering and events, and an online ordering platform with home delivery or pick up. The group has more than 100 employees and more than 50,000 customers per month, and has begun its expansion through Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

Press Contact

Dunia Moreno

Cofounder dunia@greenvita.com

For more information


¡Hi Greenviters! After a well-deserved summer vacation, returning to our daily routine can be quite taxing. There is often a stressful period of transition which can affect our health and wellbeing. Still, there are some effective strategies that we can use to try and alleviate this stress and make this return to work and daily routine easier. Here are some tips to make this transition much smoother. 

1. Plan in advance: Planning is key to reducing stress. Before you go back to work, take your time to organize your tasks and priorities. This will help you feel more in control and ready for what is to come.

2. Maintain a sleep routine: When we are on vacation, our bedtime routine tends to get a little off track. Try to gradually readjust your sleep schedule so that you get enough rest before your return to work.

3. Healthy diet: A balanced diet is essential to maintain stable energy levels. Help your return to the daily routine by including healthy food in your meals and avoiding excess of sugar and caffeine.

4. Time for you: Spend time on doing relaxing activities that make you feel well, such as meditation, yoga or simply going outdoors for a walk. These activities can help you relieve stress.

5. Open communication: Speak with your boss and workmates about your needs and preoccupations. Speaking openly can help you reduce work-related anxiety.

6. Establish realistic goals: Define achievable goals for your return to work and the daily routine. This will allow you to get a sense of accomplishment and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by high expectations.

7. Learn to say ‘no’: Stress often stems from trying to take on too many responsibilities. When needed, try to say ‘no’ in a gentle, but assertive manner.

8. Short breaks: Program short breaks during your working day to disconnect and restore your energy. Even a few minutes can make a difference when it comes to bringing down your levels of stress.

9. Keep a positive attitude: Face challenging situations with a positive mind. Emotional resilience can give you the motivation you need to overcome obstacles more easily.

10. Care for your mental wellbeing: If you feel that stress is becoming completely overwhelming, consider talking with a mental health professional. There is nothing wrong with looking for support when needed.

Going back to the daily routine after vacation can be a stress-free experience if you implement those few strategies. Remember that the transition is a process and, as such, it takes time. So, be kind to yourself and move step by step towards a more balanced routine. With these ten tips, you will be ready to face challenges with serenity and confidence.

Off to sea GreenViters! Many of us are waiting for a few days of vacation, our batteries are already a little discharged because of the accumulated hustle and bustle of the whole year and as we are aware of this, we are going to give you some tips with the benefits of the sea for you to charge batteries and increase your well-being during this summer season.

A healthy and balanced gastronomic offer

As you may know, our gastronomic offer, healthy and balanced, based on fresh, seasonal food, cooked at the moment, without fried or processed products, is a guarantee of well-being that added to good habits, will make you feel good throughout the whole year.

Even so, each season of the year offers us unique experiences worth appreciating. In this blog, we want to immerse you in the sea, a great ally within the reach of many during these holidays.

First, a little history

The therapeutic benefits have been known since ancient Greece. physically and mentally bathing in the sea. precisely, the Thalassotherapy (thalassa means sea in Greek) is a method of therapy [1] that is based on the use of different marine environments [2], together or separately (seawater [3], algae [4], mud [5] and other substances extracted from the sea) and the marine climate as a therapeutic agent.

But let’s do a quick review of the benefits of the sea

If you take a good bath in the sea, you will increase your defenses and It will improve your well-being, you will reduce the level of stress and the mental exhaustion because, the negative ions of the sea air (these negative ions are also found in the mountains), favor the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is activated as a natural “antidepressant”.

Los beceficios del mar | Greenvita, restaurante de comida sana en Barcelona

In addition, sea baths increase the concentration of iron in blood, ideal for people with mild levels of anemia.

Activate your body at sea

Contact with fresh sea water and the exercise we do when we bathe, our body activates and improves our circulation, this, together with the benefits that the sun gives us and walks along the seashore will make us feel “reborn” again.

Benefits of the sea on the skin

We will be even more beautiful inside and out. Yes, yes, all these benefits are also internal,they will transfer to our skin. The minerals that the water contains sea, salt, sulfur, iodine,… exert a draining effect and disinfectant on skin impurities. The sea breeze and the sun will help us to dry it and regenerate it so we will be more radiant.

Also if you have breathing problems such as sinusitis, marine environment exerts a very beneficial effect by the action of the moisture, which fluidizes the secretions.

What minerals do we find in the sea?

  • Sodium, responsible for its salty taste and regulator of liquids bodily;
  • Potassium, essential to maintain heart and muscle tone;
  • Iodine, which acts on the thyroid gland and has great power on disinfecting our skin;
  • Magnesium, which enhances the immune system and is an element important against aging;
  • Sulfur, effective against rheumatism and strengthens bones and tendons,
  • Silicon, an excellent preventative of infectious diseases which is also effective in bone, vascular,
    nervous and respiratory.

Always with caution

Despite all these and many other benefits, we must remind you to always take precautions before bathing, doing it in supervised areas, easily accessible, follow the recommendations and, if possible, always do it with company.

Now you know Greenviter, enjoy a refreshing bath in the beach, another of the pleasures that we can enjoy in summer and, especially during these holidays.

We all know that before doing any physical activity of a certain intensity, we have to warm up to avoid injuries and drink to avoid dehydration, but what to eat after doing sport?

Hello Greenviter! Summer is an ideal time to exercise outdoors as long as it is not in hours of intense heat.

What foods are healthy?

Well yes, there are healthy foods to eat after doing sport that promote muscle recovery, provide us with the nutrients that we have lost during physical activity and are the perfect complement to our sports session.

List of healthy foods to eat after doing sport

We recommend these 8 healthy foods to eat after doing sport:

  1. Banana: ideal for muscle recovery because it is rich in potassium (to prevent muscle cramps) and magnesium, which has anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Blue Fish: Its essential amino acids and omega 3 contribute to strengthening muscle mass. It is recommended for training sessions of moderate or high intensity. Salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, are some of the most common oily fish.
  3. Eggs: thanks to their rich contribution of high-quality protein that helps fat loss and muscle recovery.
  4. Avocado: its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and proteins of vegetable origin favors cardiovascular health, the recovery of muscle mass and maintaining optimal cholesterol levels.
  5. Rice: brown rice is an excellent source of fuel against physical exhaustion and also helps us to recover the intestinal mucosa and eliminate waste.
  6. Soy milk: provides a large amount of energy to the body thanks to its healthy fats and its high amount of protein. In addition, its vitamins and fiber make it ideal for athletes in general and high-impact training.
  7. Nuts: Almonds or walnuts are a source of fiber that also give us energy back quickly. Proteins and essential fatty acids are responsible for its beneficial properties.
  8. Quinoa: it is an excellent satiating agent, it is easy to digest and, in addition to fiber and protein, it is an ideal antioxidant to keep our cells young.

Your healthy realfood restaurant

You already know, Greenvita is your healthy realfood restaurant in Barcelona.

In our menu we offer you different healthy and delicious dishes where these ingredients are the main protagonists.

We suggest these healthy dishes for after sport:

After doing sports, stop by your favorite GreenVita or order at greenvita.com and let yourself be taken care of because you don’t forget that a good diet is the basis of good health.


What do you know about food allergies? Today we dare to give you a few touches on allergens and the importance of being well identified so that we eat safely, whether we eat inside or outside home.

An allergen is a substance that can induce a hypersensitivity reaction in people.

Food allergy and its reactions

Allergens can produce two types of reactions:

  • Allergy:
    It is a reaction of the immune system to the ingestion of a food. The most common manifestations are coughing, itching, skin rashes, abdominal pain or diarrhea
  • Intolerance:
    the body reacts by having difficulty digesting food but the immune system is not activated. Reactions to intolerances are not serious and the most common are stomach pain, gas or diarrhea

Food allergies and intolerances affect 1-3% of the adult population in Europe and 4-6% of the child population.

How to avoid the symptoms of food allergy

The only way to avoid symptoms in both cases, allergy or intolerance, is to eliminate the food from the diet. Of course, it is not recommended to eliminate foods from our diet when there is no allergic reaction or intolerance.

According to annex II of Regulation 1169/2011, although there are more than 150 allergens, there is a list of 14 food allergens that must be declared, both in packaged and unpackaged products and in all types of establishments that offer food: vending machines, supermarkets, hotels, takeaway food establishments, cafeterias, restaurants and buffets.

The objective of this law is to make it easier for the consumer to make safe food choices.

The 14 mandatory allergens are:

  1. Cereals containing gluten: wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt, kamut
  2. Crustaceans and products containing crustaceans
  3. Eggs and egg-containing products
  4. Fish and products containing fish
  5. Peanuts and products containing peanuts
  6. Soy and products containing soy
  7. Milk and its derivatives, including lactose
  8. Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamias, Australia nuts
  9. Celery and derived products
  10. Mustard and derived products
  11. Sesame seeds and products containing sesame seeds
  12. Sulfur dioxide and sulphites in quantities greater than 10mg/k or 10mg/l
  13. Lupines and lupine-based products
  14. Molluscs and mollusc-based products

At our GreenVita restaurants, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. If you have any allergies or food intolerances, please always ask our team for the allergen analysis of our menu.

We are waiting for you to enjoy our healthy food at your favorite GreenVita or with the delivery or take away services.

See you the next blog! 😜


Hello GreenViters! Have any of you ☝🏼 noticed a feeling of tiredness, lack of energy and difficulty concentrating coinciding with the arrival of spring? Well, we will tell you that it is normal and we will also give you some tips to combat the Asthenia. 💪🏼

What is spring asthenia?

This sensation of low tone is what we know as spring asthenia. Asthenia is a clinical term meaning tiredness. Although this condition is not considered a disease, it can significantly affect people’s quality of life and affect their performance at work or school. It is caused by the change in weather, increased temperatures, atmospheric pressure and more hours of daylight. 🌞

The essential, a good diet

A good diet is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and combat the symptoms of spring fatigue. We recommend (always) having a balanced, varied diet rich in essential nutrients for the body. We recommend you eat real food (realfood) and prepare your dishes with healthy and natural products to preserve their original nutritional properties, that is, just as we prepare them at GreenVita 👩🏼‍🍳 and avoid eating ultra-processed foods.

How to combat spring asthenia?

To combat spring asthenia, it is important to consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals, especially those that are antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables.

Some foods that can help combat spring asthenia are: 1. Fruits and vegetables: 🍏 they are rich in essential vitamins and minerals for the body. Additionally, they are a good source of antioxidants that help protect the body from free radicals.

Fruits and vegetables: 🍏 are rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the body. In addition, they are a good source of antioxidants that help protect the body from free radicals.

  1. Fruits and vegetables: 🍏 are rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the body. In addition, they are a good source of antioxidants that help protect the body from free radicals.
  2. Nuts: 🥜 They are an excellent source of energy and contain essential fatty acids that help keep the brain in good health.
  3. Legumes: They are an important source of protein and complex carbohydrates that provide sustained energy throughout the day.
  4. Eggs: 🍳 They are rich in protein and contain essential vitamins and minerals for the body.
  5. Fish: 🐟 is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain and heart health.

Check our menu here: https://greenvita.com/carta/

It is also very important to lead a healthy life in all aspects. In addition to food, sport is essential to keep you active, with energy and well-being.

Let Greenvita take care of you

You know, if you have any questions, in our restaurants you will always find recipes made with natural, healthy and delicious products. 😋

Let GreenVita take care of you or if you prefer we can take it wherever you want: www.greenvita.com

Here are some reasons why it is important realfood, taking time to eat healthy and balanced meals.

Hello Greenviter! In our daily lives, we are constantly busy and juggling many responsibilities, which often means we overlook the importance of taking a meal break. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to take time to enjoy a proper meal.

Healthy and balanced food

First of all, eating a healthy and balanced diet provides you with the necessary energy to face the rest of the day because if your body does not have the necessary nutrients and energy to function properly, you will feel fatigued and lack concentration. Recharge the batteries you need to function effectively.

Enjoying food

Second, taking a break to eat is also important for your mental health. When you are busy and stressed, you often forget to take care of yourself. Taking time to enjoy a meal will help you relax and clear your mind, which can reduce stress levels and improve your emotional well-being.

A balanced diet

Third, taking a break to eat can also improve your physical health. Eating regularly and in adequate amounts can help control weight and prevent diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. In addition, eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients, without processing, avoiding fried foods, and enjoying real food improves the health of your skin, hair, and nails.

Eating with friends

Finally, taking that break to eat will also improve your social relationships. Eating together with colleagues, family, or friends can help you connect with others, which in turn can improve your mood and emotional well-being.

In GreenVita, enjoy a healthy and balanced meal.

In conclusion, it is important that you take time to enjoy a proper, healthy and balanced meal like the one you can enjoy at GreenVita. So the next time you’re tempted to skip that time to continue working, remember that taking a lunch break is essential to your overall well-being. Until the next GreenVita blog!

👉 👉 We start the year with a bang! We are launching a new DAILY MENU 2023 and a new MENU and we do so with the hope of seeing you in our restaurants enjoying all the new plates that we have created for you!

First of all, we would like to thank all of you who have sent us your recommendations so that both the new DAILY MENU and the new MENU are a success for everyone:

  • A MENU and a more dynamic MENU offer,
  • With more SEASON NEWS,
  • And keeping the GreenVita PROMISE:
  • No processed, no artificial additives: only real ingredients cooked at the moment
  • Inclusive: with dishes for carnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians, vegans and for those who choose to follow a gluten-free diet
  • With seasonal products: so you can enjoy the flavor and nutrients of the ingredients in GreenVita recipes at their best time of the year.
  • Sustainable: by being created with seasonal products, we help reduce food waste and the costs associated with transportation and preservation.
  • Respecting the ingredients that are always recognizable in all our dishes.
  • With original combinations and flavors, to surprise you and visit us again and again 😜

We are going to make your mouths water a little …
What do you feel like eating today?

In the new GreenVita MENU you will find a wide variety of well-selected options: Salads, Cold Starters, Hot Starters, Grilled Free Range Eggs, Pasta and Rice Bowls, Grilled Fish, Grilled Free Range Chicken and delicious desserts without gluten, which we will complete with SEASONAL SUGGESTIONS.

Do you want to make any of these dishes famous?

Avocado & Cheddar Quesadilla, Middle Eastern Cod, Chicken Ramen, Veggie Moussaka, ….

In the new GreenVita DAILY MENU you will find a VARIETY of more than 30 DISHES with the DISHES of the DAY that will change daily and with the SUGGESTIONS that will change each season: grilled escalivada, organic brown rice tikka masala, eggplant zaatar, …

We don’t want to get too far ahead of you. Come and enjoy our new menu in our restaurants, all of them in privileged and accessible locations because we know it’s important to make it easy for you!

We are looking forward to seeing you and if you are not sure what to order 🙇‍♀️🙇, our team will be happy to help you and advise you so that you can make the best choice!

See you soon #greenviter!

Greenviter, the most magical month of the year has arrived! Welcome DECEMBER. Christmas celebrations are back in style and that’s why we prepare your healthy Christmas menu.

At GreenVita we think of you when organizing this very special meeting for your company, your family or your friends.

Restaurant in Barcelona with local products

Dishes cooked at the moment with local products and total freshness in a warm, sustainable and welcoming environment for this event to be a total success and that everyone can enjoy to the fullest.

We enclose the 3 healthy menu proposals and we provide you with a contact email so you can make your group reservation or request additional information.

Happy Holidays! We are waiting for you to receive you with all our love. 😊

Email: dunia@greenvita.com
Whatsapp: 607 56 30 10

1. Healthy menu 19,90€

To share:

  • Hummus Board
  • Green Tacos Free Range Chicken Middle East
  • Sweet Potato Fingers
  • Grilled Eggs with Potatoes & Truffled Mushrooms

Second to choose:

  • Grilled Sea Bass or Dorada with Grilled Vegetables
  • Pad Thai Veggie
  • Nature Grilled Free Range Chicken
  • Dessert to choose:
  • Apple & Goji Crumble
    Artisan Yogurt with Mango or Strawberry sauce


  • Draft beer
  • Lo Cometa, white or red wine
Menú vegano en Barcelona | Greenvita
Menu saludable para Navidad | Restaurante Greenvita Barcelona

Menu saludable para Navidad | Restaurante Greenvita Barcelona

2. Healthy menu 23,90€

To share:

  • Hummus Board
  • Grilled Eggs with Feta & Spinach
  • Black Bravas
  • Free Range Chicken Caesar Salad

Second to choose:

  • Grilled Fresh Tuna with Avocado
  • Bowl of Organic Integral Spaghetti & Grilled Salmon
  • Grilled Free Range Chicken with Lemon & Rosemary

Dessert to choose:

  • White Chocolate & Pomegranate
  • Apple & Goji Crumble
  • Beetroot & Chocolate Brownie


  • Draft beer
  • Lo Cometa, white or red wine

3. Healthy menu 27,90€

To share:

  • Hummus Board
  • Tuna Tataki
  • Pink Tomato & Burrata Salad
  • Green Tacos Korean BBQ

Second to choose:

  • Grilled Fresh Salmon & Tzatziki
  • Chipotle Mex Beef Bowl
  • Teriyaki Grilled Chicken

Dessert to choose:

  • Mango & Matcha Tiramisu
  • Carrot Cake
  • Beetroot & Chocolate Brownie


  • Draft beer
  • Lo Cometa, white or red wine
Salmon tzatziki | Greenvita, restaurante de comida saludable en Barcelona

To healthy brunch? Yes, yes, healthy brunch! 😜

From the English words breakfast and lunch, the name and meaning of brunch is born, a combination of breakfast and lunch dishes regardless of whether they are salty or sweet, “healthy brunch”.

When it comes to brunch, for GreenVita, there is only one “healthy brunch” option: unprocessed, without artificial additives, with the flavor and nutrients of fresh brunch.

The origin

The origin of the brunch concept arises when the employees of the families of the British elite left large banquets prepared for their masters to enjoy on Sunday and have a wide variety of dishes available while their employees were absent during their weekly rest day.

This trend became popular over the years and expanded, reaching the United States, a country where brunch is best known since 1930.

Healthy brunch | Greenvita, restaurante de comida saludable en Barcelona
Brunch enjoyers in the 1930’s (Source: Ephemeral New York)

At the beginning, the story tells that brunch was designed for Sundays, a day when people had more time to relax, they got up later and therefore ended up mixing breakfast and lunch, but like everything in life, things evolve.

Today brunch is not only exclusive to Sundays, it is a restaurant service with premises dedicated exclusively to this service and that offer it every day of the week.

Some benefits of brunch

  • Has a usually flexible and extensive schedule where you don’t have to worry about waking up early “having brunch” or because it’s too late to eat
  • There is no formal meal structure based on starter, main and dessert, eat what you want, how you want and how much you want
  • Do you fancy something sweet or savory? Among the brunch options it is usual to mix sweet and savory food options
  • Allows you to make a quick meal when time is short
  • Share or not, it’s your choice
  • Alone or accompanied?, it’s your choice

Opening soon!, GreenVita Healthy Coffee & Brunch

At GreenVita we love going to Brunch, that’s why we’ve decided to offer you our own GreenVita healthy coffee & brunch 😝

Your ideal place to start the day with a breakfast that fills you with energy, enjoy a light meal on days when time is short or close an intense day with an afternoon accompanied by a GreenVita-style gastronomic proposal.

Without processing, without artificial additives, without fried foods, with the flavor and nutrients of real, fresh, whole or organic ingredients.

Healthy brunch | Greenvita, restaurante de comida saludable en Barcelona

From salads, toast, eggs, burgers, tacos to a wide range of healthy temptations, natural juices and coffees. Come and experience it, don’t let them tell you about it!

Healthy brunch | Greenvita, restaurante de comida saludable en Barcelona

• In Viladecans The Style Outlets
• On floor 0
• Pay attention to our social networks

#greenvita #healthycoffee&brunch #nextopening

the myth that eating out is not healthy

Many times we have to eat away from home. Whether for work reasons, lack of time or to meet and celebrate with family or friends. Sometimes, when we decide to live a healthy life, when thinking about eating out, we believe that we are going to take a few steps back in what has already been achieved, but nothing is further from the truth! We deny the myth that eating out is not healthy, as long as we make conscious choices.

The European Food Information Council (EUFIC) proposes the following in order to maintain a balanced diet when we decide to eat out:

Do not eat more than you should

When we go out to eat, we usually end up eating too much. Consume according to your appetite and ask the service to prepare what is left to take away.

If you have to abuse something, do it with vegetables

In our diet we should try to consume a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. When we eat away from home, this maxim is no exception. Opt for salads, side dishes made from freshly cooked fresh vegetables and fruit desserts.

At GreenVita we have a wide variety of salads: Free-range Chicken Caesar, Pink Tomato & Burrata, Quinoa & Grilled Avocado, just to give some ideas, which are healthy and most importantly DELICIOUS. If you like to close your dishes with a rich and tasty dessert, why not choose one that has fruit?

We have a wide variety of desserts with that portion of fruit that we are looking for, such as our Apple & Goji Crumble, our Mango & Matcha Tiramisu or the glass with White Chocolate and Pomegranate, endless options so there are no excuses.

Meat is a good option to satisfy us

The ideal is to choose low-fat cuts and ask for grilled or roasted meat such as our Pasture Beef Loin accompanied with roasted purple and white potatoes, and a good portion of vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and roasted onions with thyme dressing. Another great ally for lovers of lean meat is chicken.

At GreenVita you can choose Grilled Free-range Chicken with Mustard & Pomegranate or Teriyaki Chicken accompanied by roasted leek, carrot and edamame.

Pollo de corral a la brasa en Barcelona | Restaurante de comida saludable en Barcelona

Fish should not be left aside

Fish should not be left aside as it is a great option rich in fatty acids such as Omega 3 and is easily digestible. You can choose blue fish such as salmon, sardines or tuna or white fish such as hake or cod, either grilled, baked or grilled.

Our options for you, Greenviter, is our delicious Salmon & Tzatziki plate, refreshing for the summer weather, accompanied by sautéed seasonal vegetables or our Tuna and Avocado accompanied by Grilled Avocado, delicious, roasted pink tomato and arugula sprayed with basil infused oil.

Let’s not forget our other source of protein, eggs!

Our Free Range Egg dishes such as Grilled Eggs with Feta Cheese & Spinach or Grilled Eggs with Potatoes & Truffled Mushrooms are at another level of good ideal for that balanced meal away from home.

As for pasta, it doesn’t have to be a sin

Choose whole-grain pasta that contains more fiber and nutrients, whole-grain is also valid for rice and bread.

At GreenVita we have two options of organic whole-grain pasta, our Squid & Black Garlic dish made with organic whole-grain spaghetti accompanied by black garlic aioli, BRUTALLY tasty, or our option with an oriental and less traditional twist like our Pad Thai Veggie with rice pasta and tamarind sauce, a real delight.

Source of vegetable protein

Lastly, another recommendation is about legumes as they are an excellent source of vegetable protein and fiber and also make us feel full for longer as our stomach takes longer to digest them.

Food is our ally to enjoy a healthy life, whether we eat at home or choose to eat away from home. The key, as in many facets of life, consists in balance, in variety, in a good, conscious choice, and in moderation.

Enjoy life and enjoy good eating Greenviter!
Here you live well and you eat well.

Tips to maintain good habits in summer

Hello Greenvitter! Welcome to the July post! Here are some tips for healthy summer habits. How are you spending the summer? Are you more beach 🏝 or mountain ⛰? Or maybe you happen to be like us! We love both options! 😜

Wherever you like to enjoy the high temperatures this summer, take care and protect your body with these simple and practical tips that we have prepared for you 😘

Take care of your skin

Your skin plays a fundamental role in protecting you from external factors, so you have to thank it for its daily work with love and care. Excessive exposure to the sun’s rays can cause burns, premature aging, spots and other problems. Greenviter! We share with you the essential secrets to take care of your skin:

  • Use sunscreen of at least 30 SPF, always remember to apply it before leaving your home and re apply, at least, every 2 hours
  • The sun between noon and 4pm is at its strongest intensity, try to avoid exposure at these times and if this is not possible, try to find shade where you can protect yourself
  • Hydration is extremely important for the skin. Drink plenty of water and apply protective moisturizers on your body which also allows water to be retained inside the skin.

Speaking of hydration…

We have always been told that we should drink a lot of water 💦 especially in summer ⛱ Do you know why? 🤔 In summer we endure high temperatures, excess heat has negative repercussions on our body. Reddened skin, sunstroke, cramps, a feeling of exhaustion, nausea, general malaise, surely you have felt at least one of these symptoms at some time in summer since they are some of the most common effects of dehydration. Nobody likes to feel bad and summer is for you to have fun and relax to the fullest. Hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water, natural juices, cold infusions or refreshing creams.

Tips for hydration in summer:

  • Try to always carry a bottle of water, it is recommended to drink 2 liters a day
  • If you find water a bit boring, prepare flavored water (it can be with bits of strawberry, lemon, cucumber, watermelon, whatever comes to mind…)
  • Avoid soft drinks and processed juices as their sugar content is high
  • Avoid consuming alcohol in excess, alcohol has a diuretic effect and dehydrates, if you drink alcohol, drink water too.
Hidratación en verano | Restaurante saludable en Barcelona,Greenvita

Let’s enjoy the outdoors!

Summer invites you to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. We give you some tips to compensate for the sedentary lifestyle of winter that you can do alone or in company:

  • Take walks at a good pace to reactivate the body. The ideal is to reach 10,000 steps a day according to experts.
  • Sign up for a sporting event
  • We recommend the Splau Running Club where, in addition to playing sports, our delicious burgers await you to reward you haz clic aquí
  • Take your dog for a walk
  • And, if you have us nearby, stop by your nearest GreenVita restaurant, we are pet lovers, we are Pet Friendly!
  • Do water activities
  • Sea water is made up of many minerals that benefit our body and improve our health: circulation, cardiovascular capacity, our lungs are cleaned, it helps with the hydration of our skin and provides relaxation for our mind. The sea is our perfect ally!
  • Exercises on the beach are a plus since the instability of the sand helps to improve our balance with the simple act of walking, in addition it helps our muscles being more toned.
  • Other options to enjoy the beach: Run, play paddle tennis, do yoga, organize a volleyball competition, …
  • Hiking. Being in contact with nature reduces stress as plants, flowers and trees give off negative ions that are beneficial and bring well-being.
  • If you are more daring, adventure sports always accompanied by qualified personnel such as rafting, canyoning are highly recommended and fun options.

Let’s not forget good nutrition

A summer without giving you a reward would not be a good summer. Reward yourself from time to time but don’t forget the good habits you’ve been building throughout the year. At GreenVita we are passionate about healthy eating, tasty dishes and having fun:

  • Prepare fresh salads of vegetables, fruits or legumes.
  • Fancy something sweet and refreshing? Opt for a fruit salad with seasonal fruits, rich in beta-carotene and vitamins that hydrate, refresh and are beneficial.
  • If one day you make an excess, try to compensate with another lighter and more balanced meal.

Frutas y verduras km 0 de temporada | Restaurante saludable en Barcelona, Greenvita

At GreenVita you live well and eat well,
and summer is no exception.
Enjoy to the fullest! We’ll meet again in the next Greenviter blog!

Do you feel that warmth on your skin lately?

Today we want to share with you the must foods for this summer so that you stay hydrated and healthy throughout the summer. Greenviter summer has finally arrived to fill us with happiness and a lot of vitamin D. The beach, the tan, the sunsets, the terraceo and all the things that we love we can finally enjoy 100% but we must not forget good nutrition when enjoying the pleasures of life with our healthy summer foods.

We make it easy! 😉

When we have tanned skin, there is no doubt that we look spectacular with luminous and radiant skin. But what if I told you, greenviter, that if we take care of our diet in the same way that we protect ourselves from the sun, we can achieve radiant skin, stay hydrated in the heat and, just like the sun, full of vitamin D (and other good vitamins, of course).


Spinach has a high amount of beta-carotene and water with 91%. Beta carotene makes spinach a “must” when wanting to keep our tan spectacular. In addition to maintaining your tan, it goes hand in hand with keeping your diet healthy since spinach provides us with a large amount of vitamin A, C, E, K, B vitamins and folic acid.
Tuna or Salmon Poke
Free Range Chicken Caesar Salad


Avocado is rich in fats that are good for our health and its high content of Omega 3 fatty acids help us maintain and strengthen the natural protective barrier of our skin to achieve a smooth, soft and youthful complexion. As if that were not enough, this fruit contains antioxidants such as vitamins C, A and E to nourish us with more good things.


Blue fish, such as salmon, of all sources of vitamin D is one of the best, this vitamin has inflammatory properties and is required for the proper absorption of calcium in our bodies. It also contains Omega 3 such as avocado to help us strengthen our protective barrier of our skin.

Try our Salmon & Tzatziki or Salmon Poke to nourish yourself with all the good things that salmon brings us!

When you think of tanning you think of carrots as they contain many vitamins that are also extremely nutritious. We associate carrots with tanning as they help produce melanin that helps to acquire that natural tan and above all protects against the sun’s rays. Not only that, it also has anti-cancer properties due to its high level of carotenoids.

Enjoy your carrots with our delicious dishes:
Hummus table
Teriyaki Grilled Free-range Chicken

To keep us hydrated in the hot summer, the apple contains 86% water. In addition to these qualities, it helps to quench, strengthen defenses, helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease or Alzheimer’s, and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Nothing tastier than eating that slice of apple with our Apple & Goji Crumble, it’s on another level of good!


Tomato, staple food in our Mediterranean diet, is a food that helps us maintain our tan, it also helps fight against aging from the sun’s rays as it is rich in lycopene, a property that helps against wrinkles and skin aging.

Consume your dose of lycopene with our dishes:
Grilled Free-range Chicken Nature
Grilled Vegetables
Pasture Beef Loin
Grilled Fresh Fish Tuna & Avocado
Squid & Black Garlic Bowl
Our Grilled Burgers
Our dishes with pico de gallo:
Grilled Quinoa & Avocado Salad
Bowl Chipotle Mex

Tomato Rosa & Burrata and the Free-range Chicken Caesar with cherry tomatoes include the tomatoes we need to combat the evils of the sun.

We will meet again in the next blog! and in the meantime we are waiting for you in our restaurants 😉

#greenvita #comebienvivenien

Hello Greenviters!!

Today we’re going to tell you one of GreenVita’s best kept secrets: THE INGREDIENTS in our cooking.

An ingredient, according to Wikipedia, is a substance that makes up part of a mixture; that is, in the culinary world, all that is necessary to prepare a dish. All the dishes we cook for you at GreenVita contain fresh, organic ingredients, no more, no less. And, most importantly, they contain no artificial additives.

Artificial additives are substances with names that sound like nonsense: monosodium glutamate, aspartame or benzoate… what a mouthful! In most cases, they are associated with preservatives and sweeteners, come straight from a lab, and aren’t healthy at all, given that they’re related to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and certain types of cancer.

If we knew what ingredients are in the food we eat every day, we’d get quite a shock! Instead of a recipe, it would look like a chemistry lesson!

In our healthy cooking, we only offer you REAL INGREDIENTS:

We want to offer you tasty flavours?
We cook with fresh, seasonal products

We want what you eat to be nutritious?
We prepare fresh fish on the grill, delicious free-range chicken, or organic rice, pasta or quinoa bowls.

We want your eyes to light up with the colours of our dishes?
We use turmeric, matcha, or spirulina.

We want to surprise you with recipes rich in flavour?
In our pantry we have an endless amount of aromatic herbs and spices: basil, cumin, oregano, rosemary, thyme, turmeric, pepper, nutmeg, curry, sumac, za’atar, etc., etc.

We need a sweet touch?
We prepare delicious gluten-free desserts using fruit.

All these are REAL, NATURAL INGREDIENTS that don’t add artificial chemical products to our body, and that you can eat without harming your health. On our MENU, you can also read all the ingredients in each GreenVita dish, so that you can become aware of how important it is to know what you feed your body every day.

Leave the chemicals and labs to the chemists and focus on enjoying real, natural food. Say no to dishes with ingredients straight from a science manual. Say hello to real, natural, and local food. #EatWellLiveWell with GreenVita.

Hello #Greenviters!

Pay attention, because today we’re going to tell you all about one of the “musts” of our #healthykitchen philosophy. One of those firm, non-negotiable aspects that you’ll always find in our healthy, sustainable and local food. 

Do you know what we’re talking about?

Here’s a clue. Imagine if you could pick a tomato straight from the vine. Imagine its smell, its colour, its texture and its taste. Imagine even the properties of a freshly picked food. Now think about a tin of tomatoes. Think about all the processing it has gone through to reach you. Think about everything to goes into making a single tin. Think about the tomatoes travelling thousands of miles inside one of those tins.

Which sounds better to you? A real tomato or a processed tomato?

Today, dear #Greenviter, we want to talk to you about Real Foods. But … What does ‘real food’ mean?

Well, it’s easy #Greenviters. They are the ultimate foods. Those that, thanks to their minimal processing, retain their composition and have not lost any of their natural quality or healthy properties, leaving their original taste fully intact.

In summary: they are authentic foods. The good foods we use in our cooking: fruits, seeds, vegetables, quality dairy products, pulses… All with minimal processing outside of our kitchens to ensure they retain all their properties and flavour. For example, on our menu, you’ll find Real Foods in all our recipes: Grilled Quinoa & Avocado, Grilled Eggs with Potatoes & Truffled Mushrooms or Eco Kimchi Red Rice.

Finally, here are a few of the benefits of real food, to encourage you to book a table at one of our restaurants: 

  • Real foods are highly nutritious
  • They’re packed with protein
  • Real foods contain NO refined sugars
  • Real food is higher in soluble fibre
  • Real foods contain polyphenols
  • Real foods contain NO artificial TRANS fats
  • They’ll help you to eat more slowly
  • Real foods can reduce your sugar cravings
  • You can eat more of them and still lose weight
  • They will reduce your consumption of ultra-processed foods
  • Real food will help you make changes to your lifestyle

Come to GreenVita! Come and enjoy the #healthykitchen movement!!! We can’t wait to see you in our restaurants! And, most importantly, remember our motto: #EATWELL #LIVEWELL. All the best!

Hello #GreenViters!
How are you managing with this cold weather? Are you looking forward to summer or do you prefer to wrap up warm in your gloves, hat and a scarf and head out to feel the cold on your cheeks? Do you enjoy the shivers? Either way, it’s time to eat from the winter vegetable garden, because seasonal and local produce are the best choice for our health and planet. And we can take care of ourselves by taking care of the planet!

Think about a tomato. And a cucumber. They belong to the summer vegetable garden, just like gazpacho belongs to those hot afternoons. We bet you wouldn’t drink a gazpacho by the fireplace while you watch the snow pile up on the bare branches. We don’t want to wax poetic … Or maybe we do! The reality is that these foods do not offer the same nutritional properties that they do in summer, because they will have either spent a long time in cold storage or come from greenhouses.

We have long become disconnected from nature and the living rhythm of farming. However, we must remember the following: out-of-season foods generate waste and greenhouse gases that are increasingly harmful to our environment. For our health and for the health of all, we must eat according to the rhythm of the earth.
But how do I know which foods are in season? Don’t worry! This isn’t a science exam. We’ll tell you everything you need to know. On this blog, we’ll bring you seasonal foods and connect them to our menu.

So, which foods do we find in the winter vegetable garden? Which foods emerge from the earth under the shelter of the cold? Get ready … These products couldn’t be healthier. If we put on our boots and jacket and take a stroll in the winter vegetable garden, we’ll be greeted by: chard, artichokes, celery, broccoli, avocados, mangoes, papayas, spinach, lettuce of all kinds and colours, leeks, carrots, onions, rocket and beetroot – all perfectly ripe and ready to eat.

Would you like to see them in a few of our recipes? Well, read on, GreenViter:

  • Grilled Avocado and Quinoa: Organic quinoa, pomegranate, pico de gallo, rocket and tamarind vinaigrette
  • Tuna poke bowl: Fresh salad leaves, organic brown rice, mango, avocado, edamame, soy sauce and kimchi
  • Hummus platter: Classic, beetroot, curry, tzatziki, pitta bread and crudités
  • Veggie jackfruit: Sautéed seasonal vegetables, romaine lettuce, guacamole, tomato & chipotle sauce, pico de gallo and fresh chilli peppers

Eat well, live well. At GreenVita, we make it easy for you … All you need to worry about is sliding on your gloves and enjoying the cold … It won’t be here much longer!

Come and discover our online, healthy delivery service.

The pandemic has brought us many changes in our day to day. Whether or not these changes will stay in our lives, only time will tell. But for now, they are a reality, to which you have to adapt. Among the many novelties, the increase in food delivery orders stands out and at GreenVita we sign up for healthy delivery.

Delivery is experiencing significant growth, from € 700 million in turnover in 2019 (income of delivery operators in the sector), before the pandemic, to € 1,000 million in turnover in 2021.

This growth is caused by different reasons:

* Restrictions

* Closing of restaurants

* Fear of contagion

* Ease of use: technology and digitization have made it possible to order online quickly and conveniently.

75% of the orders are made with the mobile. Unfortunately delivery has always been linked to fast food brands: mainly pizzerias and hamburgers. And despite the fact that with the pandemic the available offer has increased, pizza and hamburgers continue to be the star products to which Chinese and Japanese food are added. The time of highest consumption of delivery is dinner with 62% of orders. Eating healthy for dinner is necessary to have a good rest since part of the digestion will be done while we sleep.

How can we enjoy a healthy dinner?

Follow these GreenVita tips and also take care of yourself at your dinners:

* Premium quality vs quantity of food

* Avoid excess calories and saturated fat

* Dinner, at least 2 hours before going to bed Among the dishes that are part of a healthy dinner, the following stand out: salads, grilled eggs, grilled vegetables, and fresh grilled fish.

Do all these dishes sound familiar to you? At GreenVita we make it very easy for you. Enter and discover our online healthy delivery service.

delivery saludable

Hello #greenviter!

How are you doing in the final stretch of the year?

This December we know that you are going to be full of celebrations with friends, colleagues and family.  As we hope that many of these meetings will be in restaurants, we bring you some tips so that you continue to eat healthy during your meals in restaurants.

First of all, it is important to choose a restaurant that offers a healthy offering.  At GreenVita we understand a healthy offer as one that is based on:

 * a varied offer

 * fresh, seasonal and local ingredients

 * real ingredients, no processed and no artificial additives

 * vegetarian options

 * short cooking times to protect the nutrients in the food

 * preparations with less use of fat: sautéed, steam, charcoal, iron.

Second, it is important to make a good choice of the dishes that you are going to enjoy. Avoid fast food, they have a lot of hydrogenated oils.

Third, opt for dishes that have a detailed ingredient list and if possible, that among their ingredients include legumes, vegetables, eggs, fresh fish or free-range chicken, avoiding all those options that have a lot of sauce.

Fourth, chew your food well, eat slowly and be aware of what you are eating at all times. This will allow you to eat better food, have good digestions and know when to stop.

Finally! If you are one of those who cannot resist dessert, opt for options low in sugar, with fruit and with natural ingredients.

healthy tips for eating in restaurants

Attention!!! In this blog, we will discover a magical superfood that we are fans of in #Greenvita and that you will find in our “healthy kitchen”. What food are we talking about …? Hint … it is a traditional food from the North of Africa. Do you know what food we are referring to?  To couscous!

Couscous is an ingredient that should be present in your kitchen because it is a delicious food that contains many good properties for our body: it gives us energy and protects the most sensitive parts of our body. Do you know how is it made? Curious fact! Couscous is made with wheat semolina, vegetables, chickpeas, and red meat.

The time has come to know what super properties and benefits couscous has for us!

1. In the first place, it helps us protect our immune system thanks to the antioxidants it contains that eliminate toxins from the blood vessels and strengthen our defenses.

2. Second, couscous strengthens our muscles; in this case the selenium contained in couscous is responsible for developing muscle mass and making us stronger.

3. Third, it contributes to the prevention of cancer because the minerals in couscous act as catalysts in our metabolism.

4. Fourth, it protects us and takes care of our hearts, since being a food rich in selenium, couscous reduces the risk of suffering from heart attacks or strokes.

Look how delicious the couscous is !! … well, wait #Greenviters, this is not over yet. We continue!

5. Fifthly, it takes care of our bones since, being a food rich in calcium, this prevents their wear and tear or also minimizes the possibility of having bone fractures.

6. Sixth, it is a spectacular source of vitamin B, as it contains thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, B6, folic acid, and pantothenic acid.

7. In seventh place, it must be recognized that couscous is a magnificent antioxidant and antibacterial.

8. And finally, it is very rich in manganese, a mineral that allows us to keep our blood, bones, nerves, hormones and brain healthy.

At #Greenvita we love couscous and that is why you can enjoy it in our dishes.

We are waiting for you in our restaurants! And very importantly, remember our motto #EATWELL #LIVEWELL. Greetings!

We are delighted to greet you again and to be in touch month after month through our #blog

We are fans at #greenvita, of sharing with you our philosophy as a restaurant and the #healthykitchen cooking style that we offer you every day in our restaurants:

 * fresh ingredients, without processed

 * natural flavors, no chemical additives

 * cooked to order, with the ingredients received daily in our restaurants

 * in an open kitchen, so you can see how the #GreenVita chefs work

And since the quality and variety of ingredients are at the center of everything we do, this month we are celebrating.  We launch a new menu and that means new ingredients with excellent properties and a rich flavor to continue taking care of your #health: jackfruit, violet potato, activated charcoal bread, watermelon radish, new ingredients that combined with our star ingredients (fresh fish, free-range chicken, veal of pasta, rice and organic pasta) will make it difficult to you to know what to choose in our restaurants

Let’s start at the beginning, what is jackfruit?.  We explain it to you in this video

And now that you know what jackfruit is, what are you waiting for to come and try it in our restaurants?

Hi everybody! September is over, yes! Literally! But we couldn’t leave you without our blog … How far away are the holidays, right? But don’t worry, the following ones are already sticking their heads around the corner.

And while you were on the beach in August, we were working !! Didn’t you see our blog? Come on! Take a look at it!! In the August blog we talked about how to have perfect skin … and, we believe that, with the return to work, car smoke, sweat, stress … surely your skin has not improved!

* Please, if you are one of those who are always perfect, even in the middle of a shipwreck, do not keep reading. For the rest of the mortals here you have some tips that, together with the 6 we already presented last month, will make your skin look perfect.

Tip 7. Get rid of acne! Turmeric is ideal for removing this problem on the skin because it is anti-inflammatory, and helps prevent pimples. Buy a large jar of turmeric and make it a staple ingredient in your dishes !!

Tip 8: Wild, wild … If you are a wild person, then, the best for you are the wild fruits, great antioxidants, which make our skin healthy structurally and cellularly; in addition, they are great for protecting the most intimate parts of the body.

Tip 9: Spiru-what? If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, you already know what we are talking about. If you aren’t … what are you waiting for to sign up? Spirulina is a superfood, one of the ones we like to discover first of all at GreenVita, which keeps our skin young. This seaweed, which has large amounts of nutrients and detoxifiers, helps regenerate cells and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Want more tips? Well, soon more! We promise !! For now, you can apply the 9 we have explained recently and we are sure that, with them, we will see you shine on the street.

And, as we always say: “Eat well, live well.”

See you soon

Sun, sea, beach, mountains, holidays and never-ending nights … We know you’re enjoying yourself like crazy! Because … last year was so hard!!

But, did you notice that your skin is suffering? Let’s do a test. Get up and get a mirror, look closely at your face: blackheads, dry, flaky skin, blemishes? Wrinkles? Don’t stress! We have a perfect solution to enjoy 100% top skin!

Some foods will help you to have enviable skin and, remember, good skin is a reflection of a healthy body (Traditional Chinese medicine, for example, looks at the skin very carefully, as an indicator of intestinal or lung problems). So from now on, don’t blink, don’t breathe … let’s get started!

Point 1. Eliminate excess dairy, flour, refined sugars, saturated fats and processed foods from your diet. They don’t help your health either your skin.

Point 2. Do you know the seeds of chia? They are great for our skin as they contain amino acids that regulate dryness and control wrinkles!

Point 3. Let’s use endive! They moisturize and facilitate liver function.

Point 4. Apricot time? We’re already at the end of the season for this amazing fruit, so why not take advantage of it before they run out? They offer us a lot of vitamin A, facilitate cell renewal, and are very appetizing at this time.

Point 5. Put the cucumber in your life! It stimulates the skin, keeps us hydrated, and improves our digestive system. We are so fond of cucumber that we recently dedicated a newsletter to it!

Point 6. Enjoy! Enjoy the rest of the summer, and in September we’ll complete the list with new ingredients for luxurious skin! And, of course, at #Greenvita we are opened to receive you with the most healthy food, also for your skin!

Are you already enjoying the summer? Are you one of those #Greenviters who goes with flip-flops and swimsuits everywhere? Holidays in the mountains? Enjoying the seawater on some delicious beach? Or, on the contrary, have you not even left the office to go to throw out the garbage?

Whatever you are doing, we are almost sure of one thing: you have a sore throat. Don’t worry too much! It’s very common, during the summer, to suffer from pharyngitis, angina, or to catch a cold…. Wanna some tips to avoid those problems?

The power of Hydration: keep your throat hydrated, better with water, but you have other healthy and natural alternatives in our May blog. Hydration is the key to protect mucous membranes and vocal cords. Watch out !!! We have to drink slowly, with small sips, more if the drink is very cold or icy, because, if not, the remedy is still worse than the disease.

Being cool is always a good option: are you wearing a scarf or pashmina? They are essential allies in summer because changes in temperature are common (interior with air conditioning, exterior, cars, public transport, unexpected storm, drop in temperature …) and tremendously harmful to our throat. At home, in the office, in restaurants … use your good taste by choosing a good complement and, in addition, protect your throat!

Time to go to bed! Although dirty minds may be thinking about how to use a bed in the best way, we encourage you to rest and sleep well. Remember that the ideal is 6 to 8 hours a day, and, perhaps now, you can have that much desired time to sleep! Kill your alarm clock and, between summer parties, find a place to sleep, better if you have company 😉

Let’s see you in August! Until then, eat well and live well!

If you are a follower of our blog, you know that, in February and April, we dedicated a couple of pages to face stressful situations that we usually experience. You will not be surprised if we mentioned that we should exercise, eat a balanced and healthy diet… but you may not know the systemic desensitization technique or the Jacobson technique. We encourage you to review our previous blogs and catch up!

With children closing their academic courses, taking final exams, or choosing a career for next year, it can be a good time to delve into new ideas if you feel stressed right now. If exercising doesn’t work for you, or you don’t have time … if eating lettuce-based diet tires you or you don’t want to know anything about Jacobson … here are some new tips that might work for you:

Do you know what really stresses you? Is your boss? Taking kids to the pool? Make a list of those situations that cause you the most stress and think about how you can deal with them. Can you reduce the number of times you do stressful things? Can you change these activities for others? Can just avoid them? Specialists call this ‘stress inoculation’ … google it for more info!

Have you ever tried to physically relax through breathing or meditation? Mind-body relaxation is essential and good breath control works wonders. Specific techniques of yoga or meditation such as conscious breathing, stopping of thought or controlling negative and repetitive thoughts are great allies in our worst moments.

So… get your batteries ready and face this end of the course positively with techniques we just shared with you! One step more… the holidays are so close!!

Summer is coming and, with it, high temperatures! Sun is nice, beaches are better in summer but… our body needs extra care to deal with this season! High temperatures test our body daily so it is essential to maintain good hydration. In this blog, we will learn about some rich, flavored, and low-calorie ways to stay hydrated without having to consume only water. Of course, we cannot rule out water, since the alternatives that we will discuss here must be complementary to this key element in our nutrition.

In the summer season, it is necessary to drink constantly throughout the day, without feeling thirsty. We must drink to keep our body always hydrated, so, drink! But don’t just think of water, think of cold soups (made them with vegetables, containing, for example, zucchini, cucumber …) or gazpachos, delicious ways to take care of our body while maintaining a healthy, low-calorie diet. Get your blender in shape, because you will need it!

Homemade slushies are also good allies for the summer season. In this case, we must use fruits with large amounts of water, such as melon, watermelon, pineapple, strawberry … thus, while we are keeping our body “cool”, we are also eating healthy fruits that provide us with large amounts of vitamins.

There are other, somewhat more sophisticated ways to hydrate our body, such as ‘cold press’ which, in addition to providing us with part of our daily fruit intake, provide us with vitamins and minerals. Remember that at Greenvita we are experts in ‘cold press’! Why not a visit to Greenvita for one of them?

Finally, infusions with ice, another rich and healthy way to relieve that unbearable heat that, surely, we will soon be suffering.

Ready? Summer is coming!

A few weeks ago we mentioned a world full of stimuli and problems can stress us a lot! 96% of people say they have been stressed during last year and 42% have it on a recurring basis. In our February blog we promised to address this fact again to give you ideas and solutions to the stress you may be experiencing.

The first technique that doctors recommend is exercise, whatever you want and enjoy! A classic! Isn’t it? Being physically fit has great and very positive effects on stress control. Some of us will need “to sweat the shirt”, so running or other aerobic activities will be the most suitable for us; on the other hand, other people will do better with “less energy” sports, such as yoga. You can see in our social networks that we are big fans of yoga! Find a type of physical activity that suits you and practice it!

Second, the diet. It must be adequate, balanced, healthy … remember the importance of fresh and seasonal products and, if they are Km0, better. A proper diet develops the immune system and provides us with key nutrients. At #Greenvita you can find a healthy kitchen in all our restaurants but it’s also important to eat healthy at home; this is the reason why we showed you products such as kale or quinoa, which are already classics, now, in many homes.

The third tool we want to present is systemic desensitization, words that can be frightening, but that allows us to control stress levels in an extraordinary way. How do we apply it? With Jacobson’s progressive relaxation, which is a process of contraction-relaxation in different parts of the body. So, for example, you start by pressing specific muscles for a few seconds (they can be, for example, those of the hand or arm) to relax them then, repeating the process with all the limbs, back, or neck. We encourage you to find out about this technique and apply it … you will see the great benefits it brings to your day-to-day life!

And… it happened again! I’ve run out of space on this month’s blog again … so the stress inoculation technique, breath control, or mental relaxation … will have to wait for another day.

Until he arrives, you know, from #Greenvita we remember our motto: eat well, live well!

We live in a world full of stimuli. During our daily life we are surrounded by announcements, cell phone ringtones, phone calls, conflicts, screams, difficult situations … If we add the strange and chaotic COVID situation, the cocktail could not be more explosive. It is not difficult to understand that, as explained by the General Council of Psychology, 96% of the inhabitants of Spain have suffered an episode of stress during the last year and 42% have it recurrently; frightening data, right?

You know that, in #Greenvita, we are very fond of good food, healthy eating, and healthy living! And to do that, you have to deal with stress. This is the reason why we dedicate, whenever we can, newsletters, blogs or posts on our social networks, to deal with this delicate and important topic in our lives because, damn stress can manifest itself physically, emotionally, cognitively or in the behaviour, and it is necessary to reduce so it does not become the trigger for more serious problems such as chronic stress, heart attacks, strokes or the weakening of the immune system, among other pathologies. So, in order to eliminate it from our lives we need to follow some guidelines. Today, in this blog, some of the best techniques to face it!! And to do that, is there a better way than to follow the advice of the best doctors and specialists in the field?

Well… I see my mistake now!! I’ve been writing and writing, consuming this post and not explaining the most important part: The tips!! Well, let’s go with them: exercise, balanced diet, systemic desensitization, relaxation, meditation and self-control.

Easy, right? It has not been my best blog and best explanation better, I assume it but… sure you want to know more about them!! So, in future blogs I will delve into each of the techniques. It’s a promise!! Until then, breath! Don’t stress out!

The ‘return to normality’, after the holidays, requires recovering our daily routines; among them, having a good and nutritious breakfast that will fuel us for the whole day. Find out more on this blog!

We are already in September and, with that, we are in the routine of the school year and work again. This not only means saying goodbye to our vacations and to our days at the beach, but also, for a great majority, means trips to school with children, the hustle and bustle in the city, stress, huge expenses, in short … Madness arrives!

Although this year ‘the return from holidays’ is different and full of doubts, due to the COVID19 situation in which we are still immersed, it is no less true that we must maintain and improve our healthy habits in that complex situation, and there are things that we can do. One of them is having a good breakfast!

At Greenvita we want to talk about something that helps a lot to get back into the routine. We are talking about breakfast, which is considered ‘the most important meal of the day’. We will start by saying breakfast is not the most important meal, all meals are important! Taking this into account, it is the one that supplies us with the nutrients and energy to start the morning after a long period of fasting so, it’s not time to minimize or ignore its importance. But, what is the idea breakfast?

Do you want the truth? There is no ideal breakfast, but there are 3 important food groups (dairy products, fruit and cereals) that should not be missed to complete a nutritious and healthy breakfast. With this we are not saying that this is then only possibility, there are many options and alternatives! Whatever you do, become aware of what you are eating and do not get carried away by brands that sell their products as ‘the best you can have for breakfast’. Also avoid the temptation of processed, sweetened, nutrient-poor, or high-calorie products (such as pasta, juices and sugary cereals, white breads, etc.) and avoid skipping it. It is important to make 5 daily intakes of food that, in a distributed way, would correspond to first thing in the morning (upon waking up), mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner. You know, those who eat well live well, and a good breakfast is ideal to start living from the first hour!

Mastering breakfast?  We recommend you to add natural, ecological and local products to your first meal of the day (but not only in it), which will improve your daily life and that of many people around you.

And remember, at GreenVita we have an extensive menu, full of proposals that, in addition to being delicious, are 100% healthy. Maybe you won’t arrive here for breakfast, because children don’t take care of themselves alone! … But stop by for lunch or dinner! We will wait for you! Eating well and healthy outside your home is not so difficult if you pay us a visit!

Today we are going to talk about how stress affects our digestive system and how it can cause certain disorders.

Stress is, without any doubt, one of the most powerful tools our body has to keep us focused to face all our daily titanic challenges. But, while having a little of stress can be healthy for not looking as an asleep groundhog, when it becomes daily and chronic or exceeds certain levels, it is a time bomb inside us.

Continued stress alters intestinal mobility, causes changes in digestive secretions, affects the gastrointestinal mucosa or unbalances the flora, elements that hider the absorption of nutrients and destabilize the rest of the body.

Although we can agree that there is no conclusive evidence (there is a study that says one thing and another that says the opposite), it seems quite clear that diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, problems of food intolerances or allergies, are growing among population and that, stress, plays a key role in them. In fact, in most patients, when stress is treated or reduced, these ailments improve substantially or even disappear completely.

So, we must pay attention to our belly if it is more swollen than normal, or  to abdominal pain if it is too frequent, or to poor digestion or stomach problems if they appear too often… because they can be signs that there could be more serious problems behind. Everything we do to reduce stress (here we always give you ideas) will generally have an impact on the digestive process and on physical well-being, because the process of nutrition is, without doubt, one of the most important in our body.

In future Greenvita blogs we will analyze this topic deeper, key to have a good health.

See you soon #Greenviters!

Do you have 5 minutes per day? Why not using them to infuse some plants and enhance your life? Let see how.

We all have stressing lives, but this should not be an excuse for neglecting our living habits. Making some simple things during the day can improve your health exponentially. This is the reason why, in GreenVita, you will always find easy and fast tricks to be healthier. If you want to know these ideas, please, subscribe to our Newsletter… but, meanwhile, lets go to the point.

Infusion is one of the most powerful weapons we have to extract benefits from plants and species. It is well known, since ancient times, that ‘herbs’ are not only a good way of spicing up dishes but also to improve our health. Rosemary, ginger, thyme… are only some of the never-ending options we can use in our cuisine but also infusion.

Ready to boil water? Wait! Warm water, but not to 100 degrees! Boiling can destroy some of the flavors and properties of plants, so avoid it. (Moreover, if you boil the ‘herb’ you will prepare a ‘tisane’ not a infusion).


Ready to choose your favourite?

-Give ‘chamomile’ a chance: a classic for nausea or digestive disorders Leave the almax behind and give it a try.

-Always ‘balm’ and ‘linden’ in your kitchen: they have been and are one of the most natural ways to calm nerves due to their relaxing properties. Exams? An important interview? Better a linden than an anxiolytic.

-My love is ‘valerian’: sedative, relaxing and perfect for falling asleep. Go to sleep with her!

-The exotic touch of ‘ginger’: ideal for dizziness, muscle aches and digestion. Let’s its spicy touch conquer your mouth.

Enough information for today, we guess. So, be bold and (almost) boil some water for your infusion!!

See you soon!

The vast majority of families must know what Alzheimer’s is, but there are many questions about this disease that should be answered: can it be cured when someone suffers from it?, what are its causes?, can we prevent it somehow? Unfortunately, science is still quite away from answering them so, in this blog, we are going to summarize what we know now.

Studies have concluded that it is possible to cut the chances of developing the disease by up to a third even when there is a genetic predisposition. Only 1% of Alzheimer’s cases have been shown to be related to genetic inheritance. That means that the other 99% of cases, despite the fact that much remains to be discovered about this disease, originate from other factors such as lifestyle.

As you can imagine, genetic factors are part of us and cannot be changed. That is why, today, on GreenVita’s blog, we are going to explain some habits that can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by up to 30%.

Let start with sport! Regular, non-explosive physical exercise improves cognitive function so aerobic exercise is recommended to maintain our memory and processing speed.

Second, we will emphasize the importance of social relationships, since they are linked to self-efficacy and self-esteem, which, in turn, improve our mental function. A more active social integration serves to reduce the stress of daily life and promote health.

Prevent Alzheimer

Third, mental stimulation must continue beyond studies. Reading books and playing board games is great for our brain, avoid cognitive deterioration and dementia if they are performed regularly.

Fourth, Alzheimer’s prevention also involves the cardiovascular field, with a crucial role in mental decline. Alzheimer’s can be accompanied by high blood pressure or diabetes so, taking care of our heart is always a good idea!

Fifth, the diet! It should be noted that, as the main enemies, we have the consumption of saturated fat and copper, since they significantly increase cognitive deterioration. The opposite is a rich diet, specially in antioxidants, vitamin C, E and omega 3, true balms for the mind.

And to wrap up this checklist… motivation! It is essential to have enthusiasm for living, enjoying life, being happy…. It has been shown that not having goals or motivations causes the brain to deteriorate at a much higher rate, reaching the point that loss of interest and emotions is something that manifests itself in the vast majority of people who begin to suffer from Alzheimer’s.

So, time to enjoy Greenviters! Don’t lose your motivation!

Bread has long been considered an essential in every home, although we are consuming less and less of it with the years and, nowadays, it is more processed and of lower quality than before.

Among the main causes of this decrease in consumption is the famous relationship between bread and obesity, a relationship that many studies deny. Thus, although this product seems a taboo for all those who want to lose weight, a good quality bar contains between 1 and 3 grams of fat per 100, so a diet with plenty of this food can facilitate the decrease of weight, contrary to what is usually thought. What’s more, bread provides mainly carbohydrates that, when digested, are transformed into glucose, the fuel for our muscles and brain.

But, as we have always heard, ‘excesses are never good!’ We should not exceed 4 slices of bread a day if we don’t want to achieve the opposite effect.

Another myth that we will deny is that ‘wholemeal bread is less fat.’ According to different studies that analyse white bread and wholemeal bread, there are no major differences between the calories and proteins provided by each of them. In any case, for the defenders of wholemeal bread, it does provide more vitamins, more minerals and extra fiber. You may not know it but fiber tends to produce a satiating effect that makes us eat less, which will help all those who want to lose weight.

healthy types bread

We bring you here some types of bread that, from our point of view, you must take into account:

1) Rye bread: probably known, this bread is dark and slightly bitter, but ideal for those who suffer from constipation.
2) Cornbread: it has some resemblance to gingerbread, very rich in protein and a key bread for celiacs.
3) Raisin bread: do you like nuts? Then you will love this bread.
4) Vienna bread: it is one of the sweetest, softest and most pleasant on the market.

These are only some of the great amount of healthy options that bread can offer everyone! In addition, this food offers us multiple options that are perfect, also, for vegetarian or vegan people, like the toasts with margarine and jam (or with olive oil and avocado), the croutons inside a good cream or puree, or fried slices, of which there are many options and recipes that do not include animal elements.

And, to say goodbye, remember that if you want to eat healthy in Barcelona, our restaurants must be, without a doubt, your first choice. There you can enjoy the delicious ‘grilled burgers’ (accompanied by some really delicious breads), but do not forget to taste, too, our ‘glass bread with tomato’ (a classic).

One more month, Greenvita reminds you that ‘there is nothing better than good food to keep us healthy!’ And that, good ‘health, always starts with healthy eating’.

See you soon!

Eating healthy is important and, at Greenvita, we do our best to let you eat that way when you are outside your home. But, as you know, not everything is eating healthy to be healthy. Exercising and taking care of our physical condition is extremely important. Skiing, hiking in the mountains, playing with our children … is essential to maintain our physical and emotional health. But, as we get older, it is more difficult to maintain this active lifestyle, especially due to a problem that the majority of people suffer from: back pain, especially low back pain.

But what is low back pain? Well, it is localized pain in the lower back that, according to some studies, more than 80% of the population suffers. That is why, it is convenient to know better the problem and possible remedies to prevent it (and cure it) effectively.

What are the causes of low back pain? Well, the main ones are, without doubt, lack of exercise, excess body weight and lifting weight incorrectly, even though there are other reasons that we would never imagine, such as tobacco consumption (due to the fact that that reduces blood flow in the lower spine and thus prevents the lumbar discs from receiving enough nutrients).

But, in this blog, we not only intend to provide prevention ideas for those who still have not low back pain, but these will also be valid for those who have already suffered it at some time or who even suffer it currently.

low back pain

One of the most frequently asked questions in these cases is: when I have back pain, do I have to apply heat or cold? The truth is that both are necessary for a correct correction of low back pain. During the first hours it is advisable to apply cold to the affected area (either through an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a cloth). In the following 2 or three days and, until the discomfort goes away, it is advisable to apply heat (an electric mat or a hot water bottle can be used).

Another very frequent question is: do we have to rest in case of low back pain? Lying on bed facing the ceiling, with the knees bent over the chest helps a lot although, as different studies show, being in bed too much can slow down the recovery process. At the end, with low back pain, every person must find in which position they feel better.

Massages can be a good help to reduce pain, especially if the muscles are contracted and there is a lot of tension. In the same way, the consumption of drugs has to be prescribed by a doctor, we should never self-medicate.

For those who suffer or have suffered from back pain, we provide you with some tricks to prevent it from recurring.

Tension due to stress is one of the main causes of pain, therefore, when you notice that the lumbar area is stiff, it is advisable to sit in a chair and bend the trunk until our chess rest on the legs, a position that you have to maintain seconds. Also stretching releases tension and helps us avoid pain!

Studies from the ‘American College of Physicians’ affirm that physical therapy, rehabilitation exercises, acupuncture and therapies to reduce stress such as yoga, tai chi or meditation, are some of the best practices to prevent and cure low back pain. You know, keep moving and put yourself in the hands of professionals!

And, finally, to close our January blog, we want to reassure you a bit by indicating that, in the vast majority of cases, low back pain only lasts 3 or 4 days, and is usually caused by excessive effort or poor posture. If it is prolonged or appears frequently, we would have to go to the doctor to find out if everything is fine in our spine.

This is all for now Greenviters! As always, we encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle… And, remember our motto: ‘eat well, live well’.

For many of us, these dates are very special, moments of happiness and meetings with our loved relatives or friends. Traditionally, these meetings take place around tables filled of food and drinks. And then is when we can commit some excesses in our meals. While it is true that we must enjoy eating, we must prevent the typical excesses of these dates because they can harm us. For this purpose, we want to give you some advice.

Beware of typical foods we serve as snacks. If you put dishes to share in the centre of the table, serve a ration on your plate, because if not, you tend to lose the measure of how much you have already eaten. Starting meals with a rich and creative salad gives us more feeling of satiety, then we avoid chopping many other not so healthy food.

Avoid saturated fats or fatty or low quality sausages. Replace the processed sauces with natural home-made sauces and with spices and herbs and accompany your dishes with garnishes of fresh vegetables. A good idea that does not add fat or calories to your meals are boiled or grilled seafood, instead of fried or breaded ones.

Healthy recommendations for Christmas

Do not forget fruit as a dessert, for example, pineapple, which also turns out to be very digestive. Or you can also choose red fruits as a very elegant dessert option. With respect to the typical Christmas sweets and desserts, we can take them in moderation and only the days and meals that are celebratory. The rest of the non-holidays at Christmas / New Year period, we will avoid eating them, and in addition, we will take special care of the food to compensate for those small and inevitable excesses.

We must also be careful with sodas and sugary drinks, instead, we can enjoy infusions or fruit juices. And of course, do not abuse alcoholic drinks.

Of course, on these dates, you must continue with your exercise plan, a good excuse to continue enjoying the company of your family and / or friends.

With these tips your Christmas time will be healthier. And remember that in these dates and during the year 2020, #Greenvita continues to help you eat well!

Happy Christmas and happy new 2020!

Have you ever noticed the similarity of appearance of our intestines and our brain? Perhaps some of you have observed that the mass of intestines folds in our womb is similar to the relief of the cerebral hemispheres. Nature and our body are wise, and they already let us glimpse the important connection between what we eat and our state of mental health. The connection between both parts of our body, intestine and brain, is explained through various communication channels, such as the vagus nerve, the circulatory system and the immune system. It is said that the bacterial balance of our guts influences behavior, moods and intellectual and mental performance. A very important fact is that about 90% of the hormone serotonin is produced in our intestines. We all know that this neurotransmitter is called the hormone of happiness!, therefore, a poor diet that causes an alteration of our intestinal microbiota will have a negative impact on our health and well-being. It is also claimed that maintaining the health of our intestines is key to optimal immunity against diseases. All these interconnections are increasingly taken into account in medical specialties of neurology and psychology / psychiatry, in diseases such as Alzheimer’s or depression and anxiety.

what we eat affect mental health

And we remind you that, in the same way food and the condition of our intestinal flora influences our brain, if we take care of stress levels and find moments to relax, meditate and exercise ourselves, these positive stimuli will also reach our digestive system benefiting it. That is, intestine-brain relationship is bidirectional.   Of course, we are what we eat! Remember that you must eat well to live well! With our menu #Greenvita we help you get it.

It’s been 4 years since we planted in Viladecans with the first GreenVita Restaurant in 2016, and here we continue! Although the passing of the years has made us learn and evolve, there is one thing that is clear, our concept and philosophy remains the same as the first day.

And it is what cannot be fought against the essence, and ours has always been linked to healthy and balanced food, transparency, flexibility, ingenuity and honesty. We believed and we believe that this series of adjectives could change lives, and we have succeeded in creating good habits in millions of people regarding food and leading an active and healthy life.

How have we achieved it? Offering proposals made with products that always meet our quality, ecological and natural requirements. Our menu hides as good tasting recipes as they are for our body, healthy, nutritious and for everyone’s enjoyment, always thinking of the various food sensitivities that converge today in our society.

We are a plural restaurant chain, which enhances the Plant-Based Diet, which we have already talked about in past Newsletters. Because we believe in the future and sustainability and support any measure that favors the care of the environment, such as the consumption of seasonal or proximity products and the already named organic products. We also include meat options, yes, 100% organic!

Thanks to all this, we have been able to reach more people every day and become a great family that values ​​the care of both the environment and theirs and their own. This is GreenVita! And as we want to continue adding with you, we will soon open a new store in Barcelona … Do you know where? On October 25 in Sarrià, we are waiting for you all with the greatest enthusiasm and the best proposals!

When we talk about pollution, we easily think about air pollution through vehicles or factories, waste such as plastics or hard-to-decompose waste, or even toxic materials for the environment. But an act as daily as personal hygiene based on soaps and / or detergents is highly damaging to the planet and seems to go more unnoticed than those mentioned above.

Soap has been present in our history for years. In the beginning, it was made naturally, with natural oils and aromatic plants that gave them pleasant smells. With the passage of time and the arrival of the industry, this type of product has been exploited to the point that it is not only a product of first necessity, but that the brands have been mutating to transform it into a more exclusive product.

And it is precisely now, when we begin to wonder about the impact of soaps and detergents on our planet, that its manufacturing is at its highest point. The main problem is clear, in its elaboration process large quantities of a non-renewable resource essential for the existence of life are wasted and contaminated: water.

We must take into account a series of important points that affect the environment:

  • Biodegradability: Only soaps with the surfactant (substance of the soaps that causes damage to aquatic life) that lose 90% of its property of decreasing the surface tension of the water after 28 days of being discharged can be labeled as biodegradable.
  • Eutrophication: Many conventional detergents use phosphates, phosphonates or percarboxylates as enhancers. These substances act as algae fertilizers, causing them to reproduce very quickly. The large amount of algae depletes the oxygen in the water, which is no longer available for aquatic fauna (microbes and fish), and generates bad odors. In addition to causing very serious imbalances in lakes and rivers.
  • Bleachers: Although bleaching agents are rarely used in these types of products, they could sometimes contain chlorine or oxygen. One of the main problems of the chlorine industry is that it generates organochlorine substances, such as dioxins and furans, which cause many health problems such as: hormonal dysfunctions, malformations in the fetus and cancer, among others, and because they cannot be metabolized , accumulate in the tissues of living beings.
  • Antibacterial: Lately, many conventional detergents contain antibacterial agents. They have no practical utility, and instead can cause problems to aquatic bacterial life.
  • Packing: Although there are detergents that are presented in cardboard boxes, the tendency is to present conventional detergents and soaps in plastic containers. The most common is to use several types of plastic that can not be separated later, and therefore can not be recycled, and this is a serious problem for our planet.

As you can see, it is very important that we all become aware of it and begin to act thinking about the care of the planet and directly, in our own survival. Greenvita promote the use of soaps and biodegradable detergents, in addition to other substances for cleaning in general, which end up leading to drains, which in turn reach rivers and seas, causing serious contamination of the waters, which threatens the existence of many species.

One of the first steps to contribute to the reduction of pollution is to be aware of everything that pollutes, that we inform ourselves and seek alternatives free of waste, which are increasingly more, but we still need to give more prominence to all of them in Our day to day.

Many times we think that eating simply means putting something in your mouth, and that’s not the case. It is necessary to be conscious of the repercussion that what we eat can have in our organism. Although our body is a living machine that can regenerate, exceeding in bad alimentary conducts could cause irreversible damages.

No one would think to refuel a diesel car with gas, right? Something similar happens with our body, and yet we are constantly complicit in this kind of eating habits in our society.

Many of the foods that we see daily in supermarkets are not only empty in nutrients, they contain additives and other substances that are literally poison for our body. The most curious thing of all, is that they look appealing, but don’t be fooled, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

In GreenVita we love knowing that what we eat not only looks spectacular, also delicious, 100% healthy and nutritious. We are made to share with you all the benefits of natural, ecological and proximity foods, since they are our daily bread. But today we want to turn it around and take a moment to tell you about the foods with which you should not exceed yourself, if you really want to eat a balanced and healthy diet.

· Industrial bakery: barely provides nutrients, it has a high sugar content. It’s very rich in bad cholesterol precursors (LDL) and is also addictive.

· Highly processed foods: those that are made with ingredients of very low quality, rich in sugars, saturated fats, preservatives and chemicals that could ultimately adversely affect health.

· Foods whose base of cooking is coated or fried: they absorb a large amount of saturated fats that is tied with carcinogenic effects.

· Sausages that are too fatty: mainly because they contribute animal fat (saturated).

· Foods based on refined flours: they cause the body to take in excess sugar, they could alter some metabolic and hormonal functions, and they can also be addictive.

· Alcohol: contributes “empty” calories and increases the feeling of hunger.The consumption of all of them, especially if it is high and periodic, can cause serious health problems, causing diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular problems; cause obesity, malnutrition, lack of vitality and / or addiction.

So, from GreenVita we call on you to take care of what you eat, as this translates into taking care of you and your body. Eliminating from the diet or only consuming these foods sporadically, you will gain in vitality, quality of life and health.

For us “eating well is living well” and we love doing it by enjoying delicious, nutritious and balanced dishes. For this reason, we have at your disposal varied and healthy proposals in our menu, which will undoubtedly make you land in the universe of good gastronomy. Do you want to be part of the GreenVita movement?

In GreenVita, we have been pioneers in incorporating from the first day a philosophy of life in accordance with health and well-being, not only of people, but also of the environment.

Living in the relentless society we live in, we decided to take a breath and reflect on: What are our basic needs as human beings? How can we cover them? And how to make it all sustainable?

The answer? Unprocessed, local, seasonal and organic ingredients.

This is how one of the pillars of GreenVita emerged, our philosophy of food. It supports our gastronomic proposals thanks to which millions of people have managed to model their habits, discovering the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and being active proponents of the healthy and ecological movement.

It seemed that we had found an answer to the previous questions. Covering the basic needs of our bodies in the best way possible had to go through the consumption of healthy, unprocessed products, without additives. Supplying ourselves with seasonal and/or organic products so that the entire process will be 100% sustainable. 

But… Is caring for food and the environment enough? 

We realized that, despite the fact that the human body is designed to be in motion, society was mutating towards generations locked in themselves, sedentary, living behind screens. This was a serious health problem, so the previous points lost strength and meaning, if we didn’t also promote physical activity.

This is how we established the second pillar. Physical activity, which along with good habits, became a solid, firm and stable basis on which to build our project, which we are still growing today. 

Eating healthy should always go hand in hand with physical activity, not only to help maintain your weight, but also to prevent your body from diseases.

These elements will determine your lifestyle, which is directly related to your health. Join the GreenVita movement and promote with us, flavor, sustainability and vitality!

We are a restaurant with organic meat in Barcelona and the ingredient is our hero and the producers our inspiration.

With their daily work they honor tradition, our homeland, doing things well and make us aware of the importance of temporality, social commitment and proximity consumption.

It’s true that at GreenVita we are lovers and true promoters of vegetarian food. But we can’t forget that there are different food sensitivities, and that we must cover with excellence the claim of each and every one of our clients.

Today we want to talk about Pirinat, our supplier of organic meat since the opening of the 1st GreenVita in December 2016. If something defines GreenVita and our philosophy is the firm trend towards the consumption of organic products, not only because they are infinitely more beneficial for our health, but also because they contribute to a better management of the environment.

For this reason we believe not only important, but necessary, to always integrate suppliers that meet and are consistent with our values ​​of respect for the environment.

Why Pirinat?

The Camprubí brothers, in command of Pirinat, are two talented young entrepreneurs who have created a business with soul, believing in what they do and fighting every day for a better world. Respect for animal welfare is the main focus of their activity, and there are large open spaces in their farms where animals graze outdoors and feed naturally, values that we share in the GreenVita community.

The result?
Organic meat that is more tasty, healthy and nutritious, produced without pesticides, without chemical fertilizers and without genetically modified organisms.

We see it very clearly! We want to give visibility and strengthen the ecological livestock, its benefits, environmental sustainability and effects on our health.

Including organic meat, we are breaking a spear in favor of a more dignified treatment for animals, and we also bet, as we have always done, for a 100% healthy and 100% rich diet.

7 times more beta-carotene (Vitamin A).

5 times more Omega 3.

Vitamin K2, important for the correct absorption of calcium.

Double conjugated linoleic acid, a potent anticancer.

You already know our motto, “Eat well, live well”.
Let’s make this everyone’s motto!
Welcome to GreenVita!

The ingredient is our #hero!

If we could define with words what Greenvita represents, we would say that we are a restaurant with healthy and ecological cuisine fostered by an unpretentious, healthy and balanced cuisine, where our ingredients… Are the real heroes! We were born with the simple and clear intention of providing you with good food not only for the palate, but also for your health. Our motto perfectly reflects our philosophy: “Eat well, live well!”.

For this reason, you will discover that our wide range of dishes is especially good for the palate, but even more importantly, good for the body, always respecting different types of diets ranging from carnivorous, vegetarian, to vegan and gluten-free.

Taking care of yourself and enjoying what you eat has never been so easy with #GreenVita!

healthy kitchen

For that reason, the search for the best ingredients in GreenVita always goes through:

  • Fresh and organic ingredients
  • Producers that carry out responsible and ecological practices.
  • Ingredients without refined sugars, without preservatives, without artificial colors.

In our kitchens, all this translates into offering you a kitchen based on the following ingredients:

  • Local Fruits and Vegetables: They come from responsible agriculture and from local producers, respecting the point of maturity and temporality. At GreenVita we always support local trade and especially local producers!
  • Real Eco Quinoa: It is one of the most nutritious grains and in GreenVita 3 varieties from the ecological cultivation of southern Bolivia are offered: pearl, red and black. Have you ever tasted this wonder of the nature? When you do… You won’t be able to keep it away from your daily diet!
  • Integral Organic Rice: Rice is a fundamental cereal in all healthy food, and in GreenVita you can taste the integral eco-friendly rice and the black and red venere eco-friendly rices, of Asian origin.
  • Legumes: They are a source of vitamin B, fiber and iron. In the GreenVita menu we offer Caviar or Black Asia lentils, with 20% more protein than normal.
  • Organic or Organic Gluten Free Pasta (Corn, Kamur and Spelled).
  • Chicken Corral: They come from animals raised in freedom that are fed with grain of corn and free of antibiotics, respecting the ethical production methods that offer quality of life to the animal while improving the quality of the final product in its flavor and consistency.
  • Fresh Fish: Always seasonal, such as the Salmon of the South of Norway and the Cod fish fished with hook in Iceland that arrives in 24 hours to our restaurants.
  • Organic Veal: Ripollès beef. Feeded with 100% of the pasture of the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees, it create a meat of high quality and low level of fat, but also the animal production method follows an ethic that respects the health and life of the animal. After all, the quality of life of the animal represents the final quality of the product.
  • Bread: The GreenVita breads are double fermented to offer you the best flavors and the greatest benefits of this food.
  • Wine: The wine in GreenVita is natural, handmade and without chemical fertilizers, and we also have a wine list of organic wines from small producers.
  • Drinks: GreenVita offers a menu of natural and ecological 100% natural beverages without additives. You will not find anything healthier than combining our dishes with our drinks selection!
  • Organic coffee: Award for the best blend2018.
healthy kitchen

There is a very wise saying: “We are what we eat.” For that reason, it is essential to always eat the best in order to live with the maximum well-being and consequently, feel better. If you are looking to start a new healthy life and full of delicious flavors… Look no more, because what you need is to adapt the philosophy of GreenVita to your life! Come get to know us and our dishes in order to discover that healthy lifestyle that you are looking for. Take the first step with us and find your path to health and well-being!

Thank you very much for reading and until next time!

Did you know that, according to the 2019 edition of the Bloomberg Healthiest Country, this year Spain is positioned as the healthiest country in the world with a score of 92.8 out of 100? It’s fantastic news! The Bloomberg organization, known for its high quality in financial and corporate information, has created an index in which it gathers data referring to health indicators from 169 countries around the world. Quite an accomplishment!

Among the indicators that make up this index, some highlights are factors such as the quality of health institutions (public in the case of this region of the Mediterranean), life expectancy, most common diseases in each country, and even environmental factors. Thus, Spain is positioned as the number 1, ahead of countries such as Iceland, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Norway and Israel. Especially, it is emphasized that one of the cornerstones of the healthiness of Spanish society lies in its diet, especially the ‘Mediterranean diet’, known as one of the healthiest in the world thanks to the use of ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil or nuts. Interestingly, while Spain rises in positions, other developed regions of the West fall slightly from positions, as is the case of the US, being overtaken by a region such as Cuba which is not classified as a high-income nation, although very focused in preventive disease care.

healthiest country

As part of the philosophy of #GreenVita, we love to see that the main cuisine developed in our restaurants (the Mediterranean), can be one of the keys to lead a long and healthy life through eating healthy and balanced foods. If you have not yet adapted this kind of food to your main diet … Coming with us will make you discover a new world of textures and flavours, but especially, our dishes will make you fall in love with this gastronomic style! Eating well and living well is possible with GreenVita!


Good morning #GreenViters! As we know that today you start a new day, full of energy and health as always, today we want to talk about a very important element and generator of well-being in our lives: the sun.

It has always been, and will be, both the reason for our existence and a source of renewable energy but, in addition, the sun also presents multiple benefits for our health (always taking the appropriate precautions during long exposures).

First, sunbathing (5-10 minutes between two and three times a week) helps produce a very precious vitamin in our body: vitamin D. This vitamin is very important to help the body in the process of mineralization of bones, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis. The production of this vitamin also helps increase circulation by reducing blood pressure.

Secondly, sunbathing not only improves the appearance of your skin from an aesthetic point of view, but also helps your skin to remove impurities trapped in your body. Also, the sun produces a stimulating effect on our defenses, since it has been shown that the sun is capable of increasing the number of white blood cells (our defenders against external agents trying to enter our body).

Finally, it is demonstrated that the seasons of the year with the highest solar incidence in us are those that present higher levels of happiness. Behind this statement is a scientific reason, and is that the sun’s rays (UV) increase the production of a neurotransmitter related to that feeling of happiness and well-being: serotonin. This neurotransmitter is related to the mood of our body, but also acts as a regulator of sleep and body temperature.

We hope you enjoyed our new blog post about the benefits of the sun on our health! Although, as you know, combining these benefits with other good lifestyle habits such as physical activity and a healthy and balanced diet, will help you improve the quality of your life up to levels that you have imagined. Eat well, live well!

What do you think about this informative video from the Generalitat about good habits to lead a life full of health and wellbeing?

We fully agree with all these practices and, in fact, those who know our GreenVita restaurants well also know that our philosophy follows all the good habits recommended in the video to the fullest. We can get great long-term benefits in our health just by applying small changes in our diet.

Everything begins by replacing harmful foods with more beneficial ones, such as swapping processed sweets by fruits and vegetables with large amounts of minerals, vitamins and fiber; or complementing your dishes with nuts for the energy, minerals and vegetable proteins they provide. Moreover, regular exercise will cause both physical, psychological and emotional changes in your body thanks to the stimulus of neurotransmitters that will produce that feeling of well-being that we so desire.

For that reason, we at GreenVita do our best to bring these benefits to you, both with the healthy food we provide at our restaurants and the sports and social activities such as yoga or health workshops that we organize (you can find the dates subscribing to our newsletter). You too can change to a lifestyle filled with well-being!

Hello #GreenViters! Autumn is here! It is a season characterized by constant changes and surely you have realized the day is getting shorter, the sun is more difficult to find, temperatures are getting colder…

All these changes force our body to adapt and to warn our biorhythms that summer is over! We are already immersed in routines of work, study, physical activities, and for that reason many people feel a lack of energy, fatigue or sadness, all of them temporary symptoms, that will disappear when our body finishes the adaptation to the new season.

To help you overcome this difficult point of the year, here are some tips for entering the fall season to have in mind:

First, rest, and, above all, sleep enough. Second, a physical moderate exercise is extremely important, use it to go outside and have a sunbath every time you can, which will control your serotonin levels. And, finally, control your eating habits.

These habits must include a good breakfast. Our body comes from a fast of about 8 or 10 hours, therefore, you need food that gives you energy and nutrients! Do not forget to eat something at mid-morning, to improve your physical and mental performance, to increase concentration and productivity. And your mood is also going to benefit from that mid-morning snack! We are talking about healthy food that does not contain refined oils and … even if the 12 o’clock coffee or a beer are a temptation, they usually aren’t the best way to feed yourself. You can take a lactic product (milk, cheese or yogurt) or vegetable milk instead, a fresh juice of fruits and vegetables or a piece of fruit that gives you vitamins. The noon is the ideal time to incorporate carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients, which combined in a healthy way, help to maintain the daily rhythm and face the afternoon, where we tend to concentrate all kind of sports activities… And, for dinner, something light and healthy, that does not hinder the digestion, and, above all, nothing of exciting or saturated fats.

We remind you that, in GreenVita, we are opened to the public with a wide time slot to help you to get those nutritional habits that are so necessary, and we have a very extensive menu of salads, sautéed, grilled burgers, fish and baked gratin, that will delight your diet. We are waiting for you!

Do you know the “January slope”? We are, now, at the September slope!! So, at #Greenvita, we want to help you to beat it!!

The end of summer can be a new beginning to think about how we are managing year 2018. After holidays, beach, naps, breaking schedules, it’s time to recover normality and routines. ‘Routine’ is not necessary a bad thing… A healthy, organized and controlled routine is what we really need to “return to reality”.

In the first place, both adults and children must recover routines but leaving also time for leisure. Holidays have not ended 100%. To do this, it is very important to organize all the tasks that are waiting for us, but also leave time to us. A calm and controlled back to reality is what we need!

Second, we recommend you to progressively recover sleep schedules and eating habits after your holiday’s chaos. Remember how important are sleep schedules to rest and recover energies, and how important is to organize the shopping to plan ahead healthy lunches, in and out your home. But remember that you always have a table at #Greenvita!

And, last but not least, we must also recover activity and physical exercise routines. Autumn is still a favourable season to enjoy outdoors (walk, run…), but, without doubt, there are also many interesting activities indoor (yoga, dance, enjoy team games…).

Undoubtedly, September is a month to recover routines and stability. At #Greenvita we also look forward and we help you with this new beginning! Our objective? Eat well to live well! Welcome home!

It is true that in the summer and due to the hot weather and environmental humidity, we do not desire to do physical activity. But it is also true that summer offers many fun opportunities to exercise outdoors. You need to lower the intensity of physical activity and choose the coolest hours of the day, protect you properly from the sun, moisturize, and monitor sudden changes of temperature in air-conditioned facilities … but we can continue to take care of our body and our health as you do in winter, all in order to stay healthy all year round.

For example, is there something better than swimming in a pool as natural as the ocean? Or, perhaps, in a lake of crystalline waters in the mountains? Because swimming is an excellent exercise for the summer. Another physical activity you can not resist is snorkeling. Is there a better way to go through these hot flashes than looking at the wonders of the seabed?  And what do you say about, simply, walking down the beach? Long walks on the sand are highly beneficial.

Another proposal is to do yoga on the beach, how do you feel about that? It is a delight to exercise your body and relax your mind with the sun, the sea, the sand and the breeze refreshing your body. Avoid, of course, the hottest hours of the sun, it is advisable to practice it early in the morning or at night. In addition, it is a very pleasant physical, mental and energetic activity to share in a group.

You can also practice volleyball, soccer or tennis on the beach, but avoid the strongest hours of sunshine and, because they are intense physical activities, rest whenever you need, look for the shade from time to time, and hydrate! And … dancing on the beach with the rhythm of the summer song? It’s so funny! And, a last suggestion to take care of yourself and stay healthy while doing physical activity in the summer, is the paddle-surf, a classical since some years ago … but, if you want to be really trendy … You have to dare with the yoga paddle, the fusion of static surfing and the postures or asanas of yoga … a real challenge! So, you have no excuse for not taking care of your body and spending a fun and healthy summer. Eat well, exercise your body and live well, also in the summer!

Summer, vacations, the routine disappears from our life … and, this is wonderful! But, in turn, it is usually a time of the year a bit disorganized, which can lead to a less healthy diet, as a consequence of the lack of control of meals and schedules. We go to bed later, maybe we do not eat breakfast as we should, we eat excessively… we eat at odd hours, drink more alcohol or sugary drinks than in winter… To all this, add we are lazier to do sports and the cocktail is perfect! So … Why don’t we summarize how to stay healthy during the summer?

Do you know what kind of food help our body in summer? Fruits are the queens because they have a high content of water, as well as vitamins, minerals and fiber; In addition, they help to avoid summer dehydration. However, do not eat too much, because they have lots of sugar. We recommend you to eat watermelon and melon because of its high water content as well as their vitamins A and C. Include also vegetables in your diet. Tomato stands out for its refreshing and antioxidant power, its content of vitamins B, C, E, potassium and magnesium. The lettuce, another summer queen. It keeps us hydrated and has a satiating effect. The cucumber has a lot of water and is rich in fiber and, remember that its skin concentrates most of the nutrients! The pepper is as recommendable as the cucumber. And, finally, broccoli is very interesting because it will help your skin stay healthy and flexible, while its vitamin E protects it from ultraviolet rays. We must also consider the benefits of fish and seafood, especially tuna, sardines and anchovies, and also the wonderful clams! If you take a look at our menu you will see that you can find most of these foods in it. That is how #Greenvita takes care of you in summer! And, what should you avoid eating? Well, it is very clear: fried and fat food, margarines, industrial pastries, fast food, soups and prepared sauces, popcorn, frozen and salty snacks or ice cream.

With these tips, we are sure that you will spend a fantastic summer, being healthy and happy. We hope to see you in any of our restaurants, there we will help you eat well and live well, also in summer!

Have you visited any of our restaurants during the month of May? Have you noticed something different? Have you browsed our website? Have you been alert to our weekly newsletter? If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, you know what we mean by saying: renew or die!

At Greenvita we try to cook a healthier, more balanced and natural, but also fresh, fun and dynamic diet. That is why, this May, we have new gastronomic proposal!

healthy menu

Summer comes and, with it, we all change our diet, making it lighter, more colorful and more attractive. At Greenvita we offer variety and culinary dynamism, and, of course, balanced and varied healthy food for all of you each season!

And how have we renewed our gastronomic proposal?

We have expanded our variety of salads, which are very suitable for the hot summer approaching. We must underline the new salad of tomatoes and feta cheese; We have also introduced the salad of the day, to offer more variety to the customers that visit us habitually.

We also have a new section of chef’s specialties, where you will find the salmon poke, with fresh leaves, marinated salmon, eco-rice, sesame, wakame seaweed, edamame, pad choi and mango chutney. And, as a second specialty, you can not miss the ceviche, consisting of fish of the day, red onion, celery, ginger, coriander, lime, orange and chipote.

healthy menu

In the starters section we have included the hummus of lentils and the spectacular gazpacho, king of the summer. In the sautéed section we also have news, roasted pumpkin rissotto with roasted onions and sautéed with black tagliatelle.

In the section of meats is where you are going to find more news. New varieties of chicken, such as teriyaki or ‘mediterráneo’ with ‘samfaina’, goat’s cheese and roasted aubergine await you. And, the great stars: roastbeef and kefta, organic beef, macerated with coriander and cumin, accompanied by roasted vegetables, tzatziki and bulgur.

And … We invite you to discover all the changes for yourselves!

We usually choose the ingredients of our meals without thinking deeply about its properties. That is why today, GreenVita will explain you some interesting things about one of the most consumed products in the world: lemon. Its cleansing and flavoring capabilities, nutritional properties and therapeutic applications go further its usual applications in juices, liqueurs, home-made desserts and pastries.

Lemon is a hybrid of the Citrus medicine species, comes from Southeast Asia and was reintroduced into our country around the 13th century by the Arabs after their disappearance of European plantations in the 3rd century.

propierties of lemon

All parts in lemon can be used, both pulp and skin and, of course, its juice. In addition, it is a fruit of a tree that produces throughout the year, with which we have lemons for a while! With it we can marinate raw fish or use it when cooking in the oven or grill. It is excellent raw as an accompaniment once we have extracted its juice and have watered with it the foods that we want to intensify. Meanwhile cooking rice, meat, seafood, pasta… the lemon is a perfect seasoning.

propierties of lemon

It is an incredible ingredient with extraordinary nutritional properties due to the large amount of vitamin C it presents, a vitamin that acts as a great natural defence against colds and allergies. On the other hand, the lemon is a powerful healing of wounds, so it is advisable to have it at your fingertips. In infusions, a piece of lemon or a little of its juice with honey makes it a powerful natural antibiotic. It is also a potent digestive because of its Ph, less acidic than that of our body, therefore it performs alkalizing functions, avoiding bad digestion and stomach discomfort. In addition, it is highly recommended to extract, naturally, stones from the liver, kidney and gallbladder.

propierties of lemon

Its shape, smell, taste, touch and presence are attractive and decorative, and give colour to the table, to your breakfasts and at any time of day. We encourage you to put lemon in your diet, in Greenvita you will find it on more than one plate! Your health will be grateful.