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Greenviter, surely you have heard that probiotics are good for our body and our health, but what really are probiotics and what are their benefits?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in the intestine that maintain, and even improve, the body to keep it happy and healthy.

The WHO (World Health Organization) defines probiotics as “live microorganisms, which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a beneficial effect on the health of the subject who receives them”.

The benefits of these bacteria help us facilitate digestion, strengthen our immune system and help improve the absorption of nutrients.

  • Knowing that probiotics are an ally for our body, it is important to highlight some of their benefits.
  • Fight diseases such as cancer, hemorrhoids, urinary infection and candidiasis
  • Prevent intestinal diseases such as colitis, Crohn’s disease, intestinal inflammation and colitis
  • It helps us against constipation, moderating intestinal transit
  • Fights acidity and improves our digestion
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients such as calcium, iron and vitamin B
  • Strengthens the immune system and prevents the reproduction of bad bacteria in our intestine
  • It helps us improve our mood, since there is a direct relationship between the balance of the intestinal flora with a decrease in diseases such as anxiety and depression

Now, there are two ways to ingest probiotics, either by increasing your intake of foods that contain it or through supplements.

Our Menu

At GreenVita we are dedicated to healthy cooking and healthy eating that is beneficial for your well-being and is also absolutely exquisite.

That is why in our menu you can find dishes with ingredients that are main sources of probiotics so that you receive your intake of these microorganisms that are good for you, Greenviter.

  • Yogurt – Perhaps the best known source of probiotics, it is ideal for getting your daily probiotic intake.
  • Why not indulge yourself with our Artisan Yogurt dessert that, in addition to being delicious, you can consume probiotics to keep your body happy.
  • Kombucha – A fermented drink that contains endless beneficial properties, one of them, probiotics for the proper functioning of our body.
  • Accompany your dishes at GreenVita with our refreshing Kombucha available with Ginger or Verbena.
  • Miso – A key ingredient in Japanese cuisine that is another very good source of probiotics due to its high content of umami, a natural flavor enhancer.
  • We dare you to try our hot starter Eggplant Miso & Feta
  • Kimchi – Korean variant of sauerkraut, is a fermented Chinese cabbage that is another very good rich source of probiotics.
  • We recommend you try our Tuna Poke containing Kimchi or our Eco Kimchi Red Rice, absolutely fa-bu-lous.

It is important to include probiotics in our diet on a regular basis, especially at times when we go through digestive discomfort, intestinal discomfort or periods of increased stress, as it helps to keep our intestinal flora balanced and therefore keep our body comfortable and healthy.

Hello again, #Greenviters! 

In Spain, we say there’s no two without three, but at GreenVita we say… there’s no five without six. Why? Well, we have reason to celebrate once again…On 12 March we opened our new restaurant in Sant Cugat

Another place to enjoy the #healthykitchen style that we offer every day. Yes, the sixth!!!!!! One more star in our universe. And, as you can imagine, we are bursting with excitement… It gives us tremendous joy to share this super good news with you.

Many things have changed since we took the plunge and opened our first restaurant in Viladecans back in 2016. But there is one thing that hasn’t changed: our firm commitment to healthy and balanced food, flexibility, creativity, honesty, passion and a love for the little details, healthy food and healthy living.

So now you know! In our new restaurant, you will find the same philosophy that we have brought you for the last five years: local food, organic products, respect for the environment and professional staff to make you feel at ease and enjoy the GreenVita experience.

And, who knows… If there’s no five without six, maybe there’s no six without seven… So stay tuned #GreenViters because good things are on the way for all of us who enjoy #healthykitchenfood. 

Want to be healthier aaaannddd have more money? Sure! Today we are going to focus on some tips to save money in our visit to the shop or supermarket. Find below 6 ideas to save with the shopping cart. 

The first trick that experts recommend is to eat before purchasing. Hunger impulses us to buy completely expendable products that will end up making our basket considerably more expensive.

Second, don’t be in a hurry! Don’t take the first thing you see because supermarkets strategically place the most expensive products at eye level to get our attention. Spend time shuffling, comparing products and prices. White label products, in general, are of high quality or even better than those of well-known brand and offer us a saving of 25-35%

The third idea is the well-known “shopping list”; these lists, whether on paper or digital (many apps allow you to do it on your mobile), are the key to focus on what we need.

Fourth, a classic (surely you all know it, but we will repeat it): compare prices among products but, even more important, among supermarket chains. According to the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users), we can save up to a total of € 950 a year with this practice.

Fifth, use offers correctly. Be careful! Sellers are very smart and sometimes try to fool you! Compare the unit price of the product with and without the offer and, above all, make sure that you are going to consume everything you buy in a reasonable amount of time (otherwise, you will end up throwing it in the trash).

And last but not least, focus on seasonal products. Vegetables and fruits are cheaper and tastier if you select them in their proper season.

Now you know some tricks to save, are we going to start using them?

Don’t worry, we’re not mad… well, not more than always! Don’t worry if your Latin is totally forgotten because, the only thing you will find in Latin is the title … and, the truth is that I’m not very sure my Latin professor will be very proud of me in this occasion.

The important thing is that we have a NEW WEBSITE! Yes, #Greenviters, the day has come! We have worked hard and our programmers have spent whole nights without sleep to launch a new website. NEW WEEEEEEBBB! In addition to the information we already had about our restaurants, products or cooking styles, you can NOW DO something wonderful that, until now, was impossible: order food at home or book! What do you think of our entry into the mega world of delivery? Great, right? Let’s see if, by the way, any of the riders take the opportunity to eat one of our bowls… some of them look really pale and a good offer of #healthy kitchen helps to pedal faster!

Honestly, I don’t want to reveal much more to you … just inform you that the new website needs a visit, a good visit! Because, from now on, we put the best healthy cuisine in Barcelona in the palm of your hand, in case you don’t want to move from home … even if, truth be told, we miss you in our restaurants.

We are still doing the last tests but soon it will be fully operational! So .. time to celebrate it! And you no longer have any excuse for not eating well and living well.

Habemus rete!

2020, marked by the COVID 19 pandemic, has been a year full of complicated moments in which, surely, you have suffered for your loved ones, in which “masks” have become part of your daily outfit, in which kisses and hugs are no longer real to be virtual … and an endless list of other things that have turned our day to day upside down.

Although many “bad” things may come to mind when we remember 2020, we must say that many of us have begun to value, even more, little things (like sharing time with our family or friends) and we have concluded that a World Pandemic may well be a good excuse for not fulfilling the goals we set ourselves at the end of 2019.

For the #Greenvita team 2020 will be unforgettable, among other things because, the damned coronavirus, has not allowed us to open almost anything and because our #healthy food and our #healthykitchen have not been able to shine where they should do it: in our restaurants!

It is clear that the pandemic has led us through difficult times, but thanks to you, we have moved forward and many adversities have been left behind. You have been our engine in the most delicate moments, our strength! And … we give you endless thanks!

Although we have not always been able to share a table with you, we have not stopped working to assure 2021 is going to be a year full of surprises and news, among them … that we want to release new web!

Because, with or without a pandemic, with or without this nightmare, we cannot stop evolving, reinventing ourselves, living … while working to be more respectful and supportive with our world and humanity.

A virtual hug #Greenviters, and happy 2021!

We wanted to call this blog “put a partner plant in your life”; so, let’s go with our ideas:

You can talk to it and it will never argue with you… something that, even your best friend, will never be able to do… perhaps is for this reason that, many studies say that living surrounded by plants, improves our mood.

They don’t smoke, they don’t leave dirty clothes smelling everywhere … On the contrary! They are an excellent air filter that purifies the environment; almost better than a HEPA filter!

They do not rest on the walls or windows leaving stains, nor use the bathroom or shower. In fact, they prevent mold, reduce ambient humidity and are ideal for maintaining a healthy environment, especially if we have people with allergies around us.

They don’t laugh out loud with any Youtube nonsense, nor do they use TV. In fact, they reduce noise because they are natural sound absorbers.

They don’t get up in the morning with bad breath or disheveled hair. They’re always beautiful every time you look at them.

And some can feed you, because we can use aromatic plants or fruit ones to decorate our house or our terraces, thus cultivating our own healthy food. Healthy eating in our home can also depend on them!

Of course, they need you to take care of them, to water them, to provide them with the necessary nutrients and to find them a good place in your home, with the light they need. You know, like people, not everyone is the same. Some feel more comfortable outside your home while others love that little corner near your couch; some need semi-direct light and others enjoy the penumbra more; some will disappear with winter to return when spring comes, while others will be by your side all year round.

It is for these and other reasons that, at GreenVita, we are fans of plants, and not only as decoration, but also as essential ingredients in our dishes and our healthy cooking.

You know, put a couple plant in your life … and remember, eat well, live well!

In our blogs and newsletters we have dedicated lots of pages to tell you how important it is to choose healthy food and carry out healthy activities to improve your life but … nothing matters if a ‘perfect quinoa cooker’ eats his creation fast and leaning against the washing machine.

The healthy ingredients we always discover you, the most respectful cooking techniques, the healthiest combinations and dishes and, of course, all the physical activities we always talk about, are essential to be healthy… but, without any doubt, the environment in which we integrate these activities is essential too. Can you imagine a yoga session in the middle of the Passeig de Gràcia metro tunnel? Difficult, right?

Environment is a key element in our well-being and health. It is easy to understand that it is not the same to live in the middle of the countryside, with minimal pollutants, than in one of the most crowded and polluted cities in the world. But, although the macroenvironment plays a key role, so does what we could call ‘microenvironment’, that is, the closest environment: for example, where we eat (kitchen, living room, dining room…), how it is configured and decorated (chairs, tables …) and, also, with who we share our meals.

An organized environment helps our mood and reduces stress. (We will cover this topic in future blogs and newsletters!). For this reason, you will see that we take care of spaces with natural light, with plants that improve our mood and with natural products in our decoration.

Once we have a pleasant environment, we must find ‘our time’. It is useless to sit down and enjoy a magical environment if we only have 3 minutes to eat. Eating is one of the most important acts we do during the day and we must dedicate the time it deserves. And finally, something better than sharing a meal with someone? One looks for a better environment and dedicates more time to a meal if it has to be shared with someone special. Find that special person and enjoy.

And remember, eat well to live well!

Good Morning Greenviters!

Another month to meet here and share some secrets about food, sport practices and healthy habits! What are we going to talk about on today’s #GreenVita blog? Stay around here and stay until the end to receive a surprise.

If you are a follower of our social networks, you know that at #Greenvita we are in love with yoga and all the branches that derive from it. Therefore, in a couple of minutes, we are going to discover everything you need to know about this healthy world.

Many of our readers practice yoga, they know it or it just sounds familiar to them, but… What is yoga?

Yoga is an increasingly used discipline to overcome mental and physical health problems that, related to stress, produces our living rhythm. In this discipline we work, through exercises, on flexibility and resistance of the muscles.

‘I have heard that yoga provides a balance between body and mind! Can we do it only with physical exercises?’

yoga and mindfullness

I’m glad you asked that, because right now, I’m going to talk a little more about combining yoga with other approaches such as meditation or mindfulness.

Perhaps the concept of mindfulness does not sound as familiar to you as yoga, but in a moment, we will clarify it and explain it to you.

Mindfulness or meditation are psychological techniques that consist of focusing attention on the present, on a specific activity and have always been used in yoga. (Who does not remember that of ‘focusing attention on breathing’?). Their constant practice and mastery can save us from the consumption of many medicines and, therefore, in combination with yoga, they are an explosive beneficial mix.

‘So, now is it fashionable to call meditation mindfulness?’

Well… you are ‘only’ a bit right! Meditation and mindfulness are not exactly the same. While meditation is a technique for the mind to travel to the present, observe and let everything that arises around, mindfulness goes further, being a complete lifestyle that uses meditation to deal with daily problems and control our emotions.

Well friends, that’s al for this week…

Just a moment! I almost left you without the surprise! Did you like the blog? Are you already looking for tutorials on how to combine yoga with mindfulness?

At #Greenvita we will make it much easier for you! This SUNDAY AUGUST 2, at 8 AM, we are going to have a class of this discipline and, if you like it, there will be more soon! We are waiting for you in the yoga class on Sunday!

Time to say goodbye! See you soon #Greenviters!

As a result of this agreement, signed on December 28 at the GreenVita restaurant in Parc Vallès, the GreenVita brand will have a presence inside and outside the Olympic stadium of Terrassa, GreenVita Parc Vallès will host the celebration of the winning teams of the club, and the members of FC Terrassa, their players and their families will be able to enjoy a series of advantages in GreenVita Parc Vallès included in the agreement.

With this sponsorship, GreenVita reinforces its commitment to a healthy lifestyle where eating, physical exercise and healthy habits are the three main axes.


Founded by Joan Manel Gili y Dunia Moreno, it opened its first restaurant in December 2016 and in a short time it has become one of the preferred dining options. A proposal of quality at affordable prices, in areas of high traffic and with a large exposure to a wide range of customers have been key to adjust an innovative concept, fully aligned with a healthy lifestyle that has an increasingly high demand in today’s society.

After these first two years of activity in which organic quinoa, organic rice, local fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, poultry, cooked on the grill, sautéed or steamed, are positioned against numerous alternatives, means, in addition, that the business is well-tuned, that the menu proposal is versatile enough for very different audiences and that the price positioning chosen by the brand is what the customer can and wants to pay.

The philosophy of the brand focuses on exciting and surprising customers through its culinary offerings, excellent service and cozy premises with lots of light and decoration where natural materials prevail, under the values ​​of flexibility, transparency and honesty.

Currently, GreenVita has a staff of more than 100 employees, 5 establishments located in the city of Barcelona and surrounding areas: Parc Vallés, Splau, Glòries, Diagonal and Viladecans The Style Outlets.

As we know, a good work environment contributes to achieve better performance and more satisfaction at work. In the same way, a cozy environment, that provides calmness and serenity, will contribute to our digestion and will help our body to assimilate nutrients better.

Eating is much more enjoyable if we make it relaxed and enjoying with all our senses the color, aroma and taste of the dish. And also, eating with adequate lighting, decoration and music, especially if we eat outside our home, is essential. And, of course, eating in good company will make the pleasure even more intense. At #GreenVita we take care of all these details at our restaurants during the service!

Is very important to put all our senses in the act of eating, because it affects the taste of food.

There are studies saying that television, while we are eating, withdraws the attention of our food and encourages us to eat more, and can even lead to anxiety or bad digestion. All due to the content of the programs and / or advertising that we are receiving through our senses while we eat.

Excessive noise or screams and discussions excite our nervous system, leading us to eat faster, in an uncontrolled and unpleasant way.

When we are eating, it is advisable to stop any other activity that we are doing, since it will take away our consciousness of what we eat and the feeling of satiety. The right place to eat is at the table and sitting correctly.

Eating in good company increases pleasure, however, we must not lose sight of what we eat and how much we eat. Eating with our family is very healthy and constructive for all its members, especially for children and teens.

More tips to eat well and live well very soon! Go ahead #Greenviters!

Hello #GreenViters! How are you carrying the autumn? Are you ready for the cold? This season is characterized by a gradual decrease in temperatures and also a decrease of the hours in which we can enjoy the energy and warmth of the sun. We just released a change in our clocks, which undoubtedly, at least the first few days, affects our biorhythm, our body and can also be noticed in our mood.

That is why we want to tell you about the importance and the benefits of exposing ourselves to the sun also in autumn and winter. Sun baths benefit our bones, since vitamin D, which is essential for the correct mineralization of those, is only activated by the sun’s rays. Sunbathes, taken in moderation, also benefits our skin. It helps prevent and improve acne and severe cases of psoriasis. Sun is also favorable for our immune system, because it contributes to increase our white blood cells, the first defense army of the organism.

We can also feel the benefits of sunbathing in our mood, due to solar radiation promotes the synthesis of serotonin, a substance related to well-being, and which also helps regulate our sleep. In the same way, ultraviolet rays of the sun regulate the production of the regulatory hormone of sleep cycles, this is melatonin. The sun’s rays reduce melatonin levels and this helps us feel more awake during the day. And as a curiosity, it is also claimed that the sun’s rays slightly increase testosterone levels, which in both women and men, is the desire hormone.

With all these benefits that the sun king brings us, there is no excuse to look for a moment to practice physical exercise in the open air or simply go for a walk in the hours when the sun is well shining. And of course, do not forget to eat well to live well! See you next month!

Meanwhile Barcelona debates if more or less tourism is desirable or about the problem of gentrification, GreenVita decided to visit 2018 Oikos Spring Meeting, celebrated in our city from March 8th to 11th. In that International Meeting, dedicated to sustainable tourism, we debated how can we help to maintain Barcelona as one of the most visited cities in the world but avoiding to overexploit it.

Entrepreneurs, experts and agents, that have interest in creating a social concern about sustainable mobility and tourism, had the opportunity to debate how it could be done at a practical level and through a Social Responsible Approach, taking into account not only ecological but also social terms.

sustainable gastronomy

In GreenVita we try to do that through our GreenVita DNA, trying to work for a sustainable gastronomy that uses products from local providers, that uses filtered water, that focuses the menu to vegetables more than to meat or fish… Providing a flexi diet, a healthy diet, without lies, cooking respecting ingredients, offering a quiet place to enjoy and relax, are also good ways to reach the objective of sustainability.

sustainable gastronomy

After Oikos we are thinking about other activities, conferences, and so on, and you will be informed throught our social networks, so… follow us! Until the next GreenVita’s activity, why don’t you enjoy us in one of our restaurants? Come and eat our healthy proposals prepared with love and care! And let us know what do you think! Your opinion is essential to us.

Mushrooms are one of the star products of the season that brings us fall. Its demand extends worldwide for its healthy properties and its ecological characteristics, two very present reasons in the current food trends.

Apart from its enormous culinary possibilities, the experience of going to look for them, alone or in family, is a healthy physical activity and at the same time very gratifying that puts us in contact with nature. We recommend a responsible practice with the environment, taking care
of the environment and the different animal species.

Harvesting and consumption have exploded in our nearby areas in recent years, with private collections becoming increasingly popular. Propitiated by the recommendation of the authentic chefs “influencers”and partly also thanks to the disposition of many millions of surface area conducive to its production. This popularization has favored the so-called
mycological tourism and because it is a limited natural resource in some areas it is necessary, as in Catalonia, to obtain a permit.

It is recommended to be accompanied by people who know the different types of mushrooms or carry manuals with good photographs that allow us to identify them.
We can not forget that some species can be toxic or poisonous, and can lead to death. We will not catch the mushroom in any doubt.

The most common edible varieties in our environment are: hygrophorus, camagroc or yellow trumpet, rovellon, níscalo, chanterelle, negril, scarlet hygrophorus and trumpet of the dead. In this link you can see a list of edible mushrooms and another of toxic click here.

Also this universe has adapted to the current technological trends and there are several applications for mobile devices to facilitate the activity, including some free and other payment with additional content.

Mush tool is a photo catalog for Android and iOS
Boletus mushroom finder in the Google Play store
Pro Metas identifies more than 300 species in Android version and version for iPhone and iPad
Funginote in its iOS-only version identifies wild mushrooms and mushrooms with images and indicative comments
Mushrooms Setamanía shows the collection of mushrooms from Spain only in Android version
Trackeen Edition Mushrooms saves our route and generates the route in Google Maps. Not available in our country.

Basic Tips for Finding Mushrooms:

Check the weather forecast for the area.
Equip yourself properly.
Bring food and water.
Take benchmarks.
Carry maps and GPS.
Adapt the activity to our physical condition and age.
Do not just go and keep in touch with the group.
Do not mess up the mountain.
Plan the route and return time.

In GreenVita we cook with seasonal products since it is when they have a better flavor and are available in the agriculture of our area. Currently we are working on the autumn menu, we will surprise you with delicious recipes and ingredients such as pumpkin, artichokes, figs, pomegranate and of course mushrooms. Do not miss it!