Does what we eat affect mental health?: Connecting with happiness

Lo que comemos afecta la salud mental | Restaurante de comida saludable en Barcelona, Greenvita

Have you ever noticed the similarity of appearance of our intestines and our brain? Perhaps some of you have observed that the mass of intestines folds in our womb is similar to the relief of the cerebral hemispheres. Nature and our body are wise, and they already let us glimpse the important connection between what we eat and our state of mental health. The connection between both parts of our body, intestine and brain, is explained through various communication channels, such as the vagus nerve, the circulatory system and the immune system. It is said that the bacterial balance of our guts influences behavior, moods and intellectual and mental performance. A very important fact is that about 90% of the hormone serotonin is produced in our intestines. We all know that this neurotransmitter is called the hormone of happiness!, therefore, a poor diet that causes an alteration of our intestinal microbiota will have a negative impact on our health and well-being. It is also claimed that maintaining the health of our intestines is key to optimal immunity against diseases. All these interconnections are increasingly taken into account in medical specialties of neurology and psychology / psychiatry, in diseases such as Alzheimer’s or depression and anxiety.

what we eat affect mental health

And we remind you that, in the same way food and the condition of our intestinal flora influences our brain, if we take care of stress levels and find moments to relax, meditate and exercise ourselves, these positive stimuli will also reach our digestive system benefiting it. That is, intestine-brain relationship is bidirectional.   Of course, we are what we eat! Remember that you must eat well to live well! With our menu #Greenvita we help you get it.