Healthier eating: Small changes to eat well and live well!

Verduras a la brasa | Greenvita, restaurante de comida saludable

What do you think about this informative video from the Generalitat about good habits to lead a life full of health and wellbeing?

We fully agree with all these practices and, in fact, those who know our GreenVita restaurants well also know that our philosophy follows all the good habits recommended in the video to the fullest. We can get great long-term benefits in our health just by applying small changes in our diet.

Everything begins by replacing harmful foods with more beneficial ones, such as swapping processed sweets by fruits and vegetables with large amounts of minerals, vitamins and fiber; or complementing your dishes with nuts for the energy, minerals and vegetable proteins they provide. Moreover, regular exercise will cause both physical, psychological and emotional changes in your body thanks to the stimulus of neurotransmitters that will produce that feeling of well-being that we so desire.

For that reason, we at GreenVita do our best to bring these benefits to you, both with the healthy food we provide at our restaurants and the sports and social activities such as yoga or health workshops that we organize (you can find the dates subscribing to our newsletter). You too can change to a lifestyle filled with well-being!