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The pandemic has brought us many changes in our day to day. Whether or not these changes will stay in our lives, only time will tell. But for now, they are a reality, to which you have to adapt. Among the many novelties, the increase in food delivery orders stands out and at GreenVita we sign up for healthy delivery.

Delivery is experiencing significant growth, from € 700 million in turnover in 2019 (income of delivery operators in the sector), before the pandemic, to € 1,000 million in turnover in 2021.

This growth is caused by different reasons:

* Restrictions

* Closing of restaurants

* Fear of contagion

* Ease of use: technology and digitization have made it possible to order online quickly and conveniently.

75% of the orders are made with the mobile. Unfortunately delivery has always been linked to fast food brands: mainly pizzerias and hamburgers. And despite the fact that with the pandemic the available offer has increased, pizza and hamburgers continue to be the star products to which Chinese and Japanese food are added. The time of highest consumption of delivery is dinner with 62% of orders. Eating healthy for dinner is necessary to have a good rest since part of the digestion will be done while we sleep.

How can we enjoy a healthy dinner?

Follow these GreenVita tips and also take care of yourself at your dinners:

* Premium quality vs quantity of food

* Avoid excess calories and saturated fat

* Dinner, at least 2 hours before going to bed Among the dishes that are part of a healthy dinner, the following stand out: salads, grilled eggs, grilled vegetables, and fresh grilled fish.

Do all these dishes sound familiar to you? At GreenVita we make it very easy for you. Enter and discover our online healthy delivery service.

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