Healthy recommendations for Christmas and New Year meals

Recomendaciones saludables para la navidad | Greenvita, Restaurante de comida saludable en Barcelona

For many of us, these dates are very special, moments of happiness and meetings with our loved relatives or friends. Traditionally, these meetings take place around tables filled of food and drinks. And then is when we can commit some excesses in our meals. While it is true that we must enjoy eating, we must prevent the typical excesses of these dates because they can harm us. For this purpose, we want to give you some advice.

Beware of typical foods we serve as snacks. If you put dishes to share in the centre of the table, serve a ration on your plate, because if not, you tend to lose the measure of how much you have already eaten. Starting meals with a rich and creative salad gives us more feeling of satiety, then we avoid chopping many other not so healthy food.

Avoid saturated fats or fatty or low quality sausages. Replace the processed sauces with natural home-made sauces and with spices and herbs and accompany your dishes with garnishes of fresh vegetables. A good idea that does not add fat or calories to your meals are boiled or grilled seafood, instead of fried or breaded ones.

Healthy recommendations for Christmas

Do not forget fruit as a dessert, for example, pineapple, which also turns out to be very digestive. Or you can also choose red fruits as a very elegant dessert option. With respect to the typical Christmas sweets and desserts, we can take them in moderation and only the days and meals that are celebratory. The rest of the non-holidays at Christmas / New Year period, we will avoid eating them, and in addition, we will take special care of the food to compensate for those small and inevitable excesses.

We must also be careful with sodas and sugary drinks, instead, we can enjoy infusions or fruit juices. And of course, do not abuse alcoholic drinks.

Of course, on these dates, you must continue with your exercise plan, a good excuse to continue enjoying the company of your family and / or friends.

With these tips your Christmas time will be healthier. And remember that in these dates and during the year 2020, #Greenvita continues to help you eat well!

Happy Christmas and happy new 2020!