Healthy tips for eating in restaurants

Consejos saludables para tus comidas | Restaurante Greenvita Barcelona

Hello #greenviter!

How are you doing in the final stretch of the year?

This December we know that you are going to be full of celebrations with friends, colleagues and family.  As we hope that many of these meetings will be in restaurants, we bring you some tips so that you continue to eat healthy during your meals in restaurants.

First of all, it is important to choose a restaurant that offers a healthy offering.  At GreenVita we understand a healthy offer as one that is based on:

 * a varied offer

 * fresh, seasonal and local ingredients

 * real ingredients, no processed and no artificial additives

 * vegetarian options

 * short cooking times to protect the nutrients in the food

 * preparations with less use of fat: sautéed, steam, charcoal, iron.

Second, it is important to make a good choice of the dishes that you are going to enjoy. Avoid fast food, they have a lot of hydrogenated oils.

Third, opt for dishes that have a detailed ingredient list and if possible, that among their ingredients include legumes, vegetables, eggs, fresh fish or free-range chicken, avoiding all those options that have a lot of sauce.

Fourth, chew your food well, eat slowly and be aware of what you are eating at all times. This will allow you to eat better food, have good digestions and know when to stop.

Finally! If you are one of those who cannot resist dessert, opt for options low in sugar, with fruit and with natural ingredients.

healthy tips for eating in restaurants