The formula of the natural, Greenvita

Los ingredientes de nuestra cocina | Restaurante de comida saludable en Barcelona, Greenvita

Hello Greenviters!!

Today we’re going to tell you one of GreenVita’s best kept secrets: THE INGREDIENTS in our cooking.

An ingredient, according to Wikipedia, is a substance that makes up part of a mixture; that is, in the culinary world, all that is necessary to prepare a dish. All the dishes we cook for you at GreenVita contain fresh, organic ingredients, no more, no less. And, most importantly, they contain no artificial additives.

Artificial additives are substances with names that sound like nonsense: monosodium glutamate, aspartame or benzoate… what a mouthful! In most cases, they are associated with preservatives and sweeteners, come straight from a lab, and aren’t healthy at all, given that they’re related to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and certain types of cancer.

If we knew what ingredients are in the food we eat every day, we’d get quite a shock! Instead of a recipe, it would look like a chemistry lesson!

In our healthy cooking, we only offer you REAL INGREDIENTS:

We want to offer you tasty flavours?
We cook with fresh, seasonal products

We want what you eat to be nutritious?
We prepare fresh fish on the grill, delicious free-range chicken, or organic rice, pasta or quinoa bowls.

We want your eyes to light up with the colours of our dishes?
We use turmeric, matcha, or spirulina.

We want to surprise you with recipes rich in flavour?
In our pantry we have an endless amount of aromatic herbs and spices: basil, cumin, oregano, rosemary, thyme, turmeric, pepper, nutmeg, curry, sumac, za’atar, etc., etc.

We need a sweet touch?
We prepare delicious gluten-free desserts using fruit.

All these are REAL, NATURAL INGREDIENTS that don’t add artificial chemical products to our body, and that you can eat without harming your health. On our MENU, you can also read all the ingredients in each GreenVita dish, so that you can become aware of how important it is to know what you feed your body every day.

Leave the chemicals and labs to the chemists and focus on enjoying real, natural food. Say no to dishes with ingredients straight from a science manual. Say hello to real, natural, and local food. #EatWellLiveWell with GreenVita.