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The ‘return to normality’, after the holidays, requires recovering our daily routines; among them, having a good and nutritious breakfast that will fuel us for the whole day. Find out more on this blog!

We are already in September and, with that, we are in the routine of the school year and work again. This not only means saying goodbye to our vacations and to our days at the beach, but also, for a great majority, means trips to school with children, the hustle and bustle in the city, stress, huge expenses, in short … Madness arrives!

Although this year ‘the return from holidays’ is different and full of doubts, due to the COVID19 situation in which we are still immersed, it is no less true that we must maintain and improve our healthy habits in that complex situation, and there are things that we can do. One of them is having a good breakfast!

At Greenvita we want to talk about something that helps a lot to get back into the routine. We are talking about breakfast, which is considered ‘the most important meal of the day’. We will start by saying breakfast is not the most important meal, all meals are important! Taking this into account, it is the one that supplies us with the nutrients and energy to start the morning after a long period of fasting so, it’s not time to minimize or ignore its importance. But, what is the idea breakfast?

Do you want the truth? There is no ideal breakfast, but there are 3 important food groups (dairy products, fruit and cereals) that should not be missed to complete a nutritious and healthy breakfast. With this we are not saying that this is then only possibility, there are many options and alternatives! Whatever you do, become aware of what you are eating and do not get carried away by brands that sell their products as ‘the best you can have for breakfast’. Also avoid the temptation of processed, sweetened, nutrient-poor, or high-calorie products (such as pasta, juices and sugary cereals, white breads, etc.) and avoid skipping it. It is important to make 5 daily intakes of food that, in a distributed way, would correspond to first thing in the morning (upon waking up), mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner. You know, those who eat well live well, and a good breakfast is ideal to start living from the first hour!

Mastering breakfast?  We recommend you to add natural, ecological and local products to your first meal of the day (but not only in it), which will improve your daily life and that of many people around you.

And remember, at GreenVita we have an extensive menu, full of proposals that, in addition to being delicious, are 100% healthy. Maybe you won’t arrive here for breakfast, because children don’t take care of themselves alone! … But stop by for lunch or dinner! We will wait for you! Eating well and healthy outside your home is not so difficult if you pay us a visit!

Good Morning Greenviters!

Another month to meet here and share some secrets about food, sport practices and healthy habits! What are we going to talk about on today’s #GreenVita blog? Stay around here and stay until the end to receive a surprise.

If you are a follower of our social networks, you know that at #Greenvita we are in love with yoga and all the branches that derive from it. Therefore, in a couple of minutes, we are going to discover everything you need to know about this healthy world.

Many of our readers practice yoga, they know it or it just sounds familiar to them, but… What is yoga?

Yoga is an increasingly used discipline to overcome mental and physical health problems that, related to stress, produces our living rhythm. In this discipline we work, through exercises, on flexibility and resistance of the muscles.

‘I have heard that yoga provides a balance between body and mind! Can we do it only with physical exercises?’

yoga and mindfullness

I’m glad you asked that, because right now, I’m going to talk a little more about combining yoga with other approaches such as meditation or mindfulness.

Perhaps the concept of mindfulness does not sound as familiar to you as yoga, but in a moment, we will clarify it and explain it to you.

Mindfulness or meditation are psychological techniques that consist of focusing attention on the present, on a specific activity and have always been used in yoga. (Who does not remember that of ‘focusing attention on breathing’?). Their constant practice and mastery can save us from the consumption of many medicines and, therefore, in combination with yoga, they are an explosive beneficial mix.

‘So, now is it fashionable to call meditation mindfulness?’

Well… you are ‘only’ a bit right! Meditation and mindfulness are not exactly the same. While meditation is a technique for the mind to travel to the present, observe and let everything that arises around, mindfulness goes further, being a complete lifestyle that uses meditation to deal with daily problems and control our emotions.

Well friends, that’s al for this week…

Just a moment! I almost left you without the surprise! Did you like the blog? Are you already looking for tutorials on how to combine yoga with mindfulness?

At #Greenvita we will make it much easier for you! This SUNDAY AUGUST 2, at 8 AM, we are going to have a class of this discipline and, if you like it, there will be more soon! We are waiting for you in the yoga class on Sunday!

Time to say goodbye! See you soon #Greenviters!

Many times we think that eating simply means putting something in your mouth, and that’s not the case. It is necessary to be conscious of the repercussion that what we eat can have in our organism. Although our body is a living machine that can regenerate, exceeding in bad alimentary conducts could cause irreversible damages.

No one would think to refuel a diesel car with gas, right? Something similar happens with our body, and yet we are constantly complicit in this kind of eating habits in our society.

Many of the foods that we see daily in supermarkets are not only empty in nutrients, they contain additives and other substances that are literally poison for our body. The most curious thing of all, is that they look appealing, but don’t be fooled, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

In GreenVita we love knowing that what we eat not only looks spectacular, also delicious, 100% healthy and nutritious. We are made to share with you all the benefits of natural, ecological and proximity foods, since they are our daily bread. But today we want to turn it around and take a moment to tell you about the foods with which you should not exceed yourself, if you really want to eat a balanced and healthy diet.

· Industrial bakery: barely provides nutrients, it has a high sugar content. It’s very rich in bad cholesterol precursors (LDL) and is also addictive.

· Highly processed foods: those that are made with ingredients of very low quality, rich in sugars, saturated fats, preservatives and chemicals that could ultimately adversely affect health.

· Foods whose base of cooking is coated or fried: they absorb a large amount of saturated fats that is tied with carcinogenic effects.

· Sausages that are too fatty: mainly because they contribute animal fat (saturated).

· Foods based on refined flours: they cause the body to take in excess sugar, they could alter some metabolic and hormonal functions, and they can also be addictive.

· Alcohol: contributes “empty” calories and increases the feeling of hunger.The consumption of all of them, especially if it is high and periodic, can cause serious health problems, causing diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular problems; cause obesity, malnutrition, lack of vitality and / or addiction.

So, from GreenVita we call on you to take care of what you eat, as this translates into taking care of you and your body. Eliminating from the diet or only consuming these foods sporadically, you will gain in vitality, quality of life and health.

For us “eating well is living well” and we love doing it by enjoying delicious, nutritious and balanced dishes. For this reason, we have at your disposal varied and healthy proposals in our menu, which will undoubtedly make you land in the universe of good gastronomy. Do you want to be part of the GreenVita movement?

In GreenVita, we have been pioneers in incorporating from the first day a philosophy of life in accordance with health and well-being, not only of people, but also of the environment.

Living in the relentless society we live in, we decided to take a breath and reflect on: What are our basic needs as human beings? How can we cover them? And how to make it all sustainable?

The answer? Unprocessed, local, seasonal and organic ingredients.

This is how one of the pillars of GreenVita emerged, our philosophy of food. It supports our gastronomic proposals thanks to which millions of people have managed to model their habits, discovering the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and being active proponents of the healthy and ecological movement.

It seemed that we had found an answer to the previous questions. Covering the basic needs of our bodies in the best way possible had to go through the consumption of healthy, unprocessed products, without additives. Supplying ourselves with seasonal and/or organic products so that the entire process will be 100% sustainable. 

But… Is caring for food and the environment enough? 

We realized that, despite the fact that the human body is designed to be in motion, society was mutating towards generations locked in themselves, sedentary, living behind screens. This was a serious health problem, so the previous points lost strength and meaning, if we didn’t also promote physical activity.

This is how we established the second pillar. Physical activity, which along with good habits, became a solid, firm and stable basis on which to build our project, which we are still growing today. 

Eating healthy should always go hand in hand with physical activity, not only to help maintain your weight, but also to prevent your body from diseases.

These elements will determine your lifestyle, which is directly related to your health. Join the GreenVita movement and promote with us, flavor, sustainability and vitality!

The ingredient is our #hero!

If we could define with words what Greenvita represents, we would say that we are a restaurant with healthy and ecological cuisine fostered by an unpretentious, healthy and balanced cuisine, where our ingredients… Are the real heroes! We were born with the simple and clear intention of providing you with good food not only for the palate, but also for your health. Our motto perfectly reflects our philosophy: “Eat well, live well!”.

For this reason, you will discover that our wide range of dishes is especially good for the palate, but even more importantly, good for the body, always respecting different types of diets ranging from carnivorous, vegetarian, to vegan and gluten-free.

Taking care of yourself and enjoying what you eat has never been so easy with #GreenVita!

healthy kitchen

For that reason, the search for the best ingredients in GreenVita always goes through:

  • Fresh and organic ingredients
  • Producers that carry out responsible and ecological practices.
  • Ingredients without refined sugars, without preservatives, without artificial colors.

In our kitchens, all this translates into offering you a kitchen based on the following ingredients:

  • Local Fruits and Vegetables: They come from responsible agriculture and from local producers, respecting the point of maturity and temporality. At GreenVita we always support local trade and especially local producers!
  • Real Eco Quinoa: It is one of the most nutritious grains and in GreenVita 3 varieties from the ecological cultivation of southern Bolivia are offered: pearl, red and black. Have you ever tasted this wonder of the nature? When you do… You won’t be able to keep it away from your daily diet!
  • Integral Organic Rice: Rice is a fundamental cereal in all healthy food, and in GreenVita you can taste the integral eco-friendly rice and the black and red venere eco-friendly rices, of Asian origin.
  • Legumes: They are a source of vitamin B, fiber and iron. In the GreenVita menu we offer Caviar or Black Asia lentils, with 20% more protein than normal.
  • Organic or Organic Gluten Free Pasta (Corn, Kamur and Spelled).
  • Chicken Corral: They come from animals raised in freedom that are fed with grain of corn and free of antibiotics, respecting the ethical production methods that offer quality of life to the animal while improving the quality of the final product in its flavor and consistency.
  • Fresh Fish: Always seasonal, such as the Salmon of the South of Norway and the Cod fish fished with hook in Iceland that arrives in 24 hours to our restaurants.
  • Organic Veal: Ripollès beef. Feeded with 100% of the pasture of the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees, it create a meat of high quality and low level of fat, but also the animal production method follows an ethic that respects the health and life of the animal. After all, the quality of life of the animal represents the final quality of the product.
  • Bread: The GreenVita breads are double fermented to offer you the best flavors and the greatest benefits of this food.
  • Wine: The wine in GreenVita is natural, handmade and without chemical fertilizers, and we also have a wine list of organic wines from small producers.
  • Drinks: GreenVita offers a menu of natural and ecological 100% natural beverages without additives. You will not find anything healthier than combining our dishes with our drinks selection!
  • Organic coffee: Award for the best blend2018.
healthy kitchen

There is a very wise saying: “We are what we eat.” For that reason, it is essential to always eat the best in order to live with the maximum well-being and consequently, feel better. If you are looking to start a new healthy life and full of delicious flavors… Look no more, because what you need is to adapt the philosophy of GreenVita to your life! Come get to know us and our dishes in order to discover that healthy lifestyle that you are looking for. Take the first step with us and find your path to health and well-being!

Thank you very much for reading and until next time!

Hello #GreenViters! Autumn is here! It is a season characterized by constant changes and surely you have realized the day is getting shorter, the sun is more difficult to find, temperatures are getting colder…

All these changes force our body to adapt and to warn our biorhythms that summer is over! We are already immersed in routines of work, study, physical activities, and for that reason many people feel a lack of energy, fatigue or sadness, all of them temporary symptoms, that will disappear when our body finishes the adaptation to the new season.

To help you overcome this difficult point of the year, here are some tips for entering the fall season to have in mind:

First, rest, and, above all, sleep enough. Second, a physical moderate exercise is extremely important, use it to go outside and have a sunbath every time you can, which will control your serotonin levels. And, finally, control your eating habits.

These habits must include a good breakfast. Our body comes from a fast of about 8 or 10 hours, therefore, you need food that gives you energy and nutrients! Do not forget to eat something at mid-morning, to improve your physical and mental performance, to increase concentration and productivity. And your mood is also going to benefit from that mid-morning snack! We are talking about healthy food that does not contain refined oils and … even if the 12 o’clock coffee or a beer are a temptation, they usually aren’t the best way to feed yourself. You can take a lactic product (milk, cheese or yogurt) or vegetable milk instead, a fresh juice of fruits and vegetables or a piece of fruit that gives you vitamins. The noon is the ideal time to incorporate carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients, which combined in a healthy way, help to maintain the daily rhythm and face the afternoon, where we tend to concentrate all kind of sports activities… And, for dinner, something light and healthy, that does not hinder the digestion, and, above all, nothing of exciting or saturated fats.

We remind you that, in GreenVita, we are opened to the public with a wide time slot to help you to get those nutritional habits that are so necessary, and we have a very extensive menu of salads, sautéed, grilled burgers, fish and baked gratin, that will delight your diet. We are waiting for you!