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Welcome Greenviter!

Today, we would like to draw your attention to a documentary series that explorer and writer Dan Beuttner has created for Netflix: “Living 100 Years. The Secrets of the Blue Zones“. We find this program on longevity truly eye-opening.

After many years of research, Dan has realized that there are five specific areas in the world where there is a very high percentage of the population that lives 100 years in an active and healthy way.

During the documentary, Dan travels to these places and talks to real subjects and their families to find out the secrets to reaching this age in such good physical condition.

Despite the distinctive cultural traits of each area (Japan, the United States, Sardinia, Singapore or Costa Rica), all these places share some elements in common that are key to a good physical and mental health.

The documentary subjects have always had a sense of purpose. Goals help them have a reason to wake up feeling happy and motivated and keep their minds busy and active.

They engage in everyday physical activities, such as tending to livestock, gardening, or walking and climbing, rather than driving everywhere. Their social life is active. They feel loved, supported and valued by family, friends and neighbors who would never leave them alone or helpless.

But of all the elements in the life of these long-lived people, one that stands out is food. It is very interesting to watch the full series to learn about the peculiarities and specificities of each area in terms of the food they eat, but a healthy diet is common to all five blue zones. They use natural, local products which have most been shown to have health-promoting properties. There definitely are not ultra-processed products in their diets.

The series release could not have come at a better time, as next month we will be celebrating seven years of the launch of the GreenVita project. A project that has evolved with you, from honest restaurants committed to our healthy kitchen gastronomic concept, to events, catering and menus for companies.

Our offer is based on tasty, healthy, seasonal dishes, cooked in healthy ways to take care of you.

We look forward to seeing you in our restaurants, at our events or in your online order.

Until our next blog, greenviter!

For any queries: info@greenvita.com

Attention!!! In this blog, we will discover a magical superfood that we are fans of in #Greenvita and that you will find in our “healthy kitchen”. What food are we talking about …? Hint … it is a traditional food from the North of Africa. Do you know what food we are referring to?  To couscous!

Couscous is an ingredient that should be present in your kitchen because it is a delicious food that contains many good properties for our body: it gives us energy and protects the most sensitive parts of our body. Do you know how is it made? Curious fact! Couscous is made with wheat semolina, vegetables, chickpeas, and red meat.

The time has come to know what super properties and benefits couscous has for us!

1. In the first place, it helps us protect our immune system thanks to the antioxidants it contains that eliminate toxins from the blood vessels and strengthen our defenses.

2. Second, couscous strengthens our muscles; in this case the selenium contained in couscous is responsible for developing muscle mass and making us stronger.

3. Third, it contributes to the prevention of cancer because the minerals in couscous act as catalysts in our metabolism.

4. Fourth, it protects us and takes care of our hearts, since being a food rich in selenium, couscous reduces the risk of suffering from heart attacks or strokes.

Look how delicious the couscous is !! … well, wait #Greenviters, this is not over yet. We continue!

5. Fifthly, it takes care of our bones since, being a food rich in calcium, this prevents their wear and tear or also minimizes the possibility of having bone fractures.

6. Sixth, it is a spectacular source of vitamin B, as it contains thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, B6, folic acid, and pantothenic acid.

7. In seventh place, it must be recognized that couscous is a magnificent antioxidant and antibacterial.

8. And finally, it is very rich in manganese, a mineral that allows us to keep our blood, bones, nerves, hormones and brain healthy.

At #Greenvita we love couscous and that is why you can enjoy it in our dishes.

We are waiting for you in our restaurants! And very importantly, remember our motto #EATWELL #LIVEWELL. Greetings!

If you are a follower of our blog, you know that, in February and April, we dedicated a couple of pages to face stressful situations that we usually experience. You will not be surprised if we mentioned that we should exercise, eat a balanced and healthy diet… but you may not know the systemic desensitization technique or the Jacobson technique. We encourage you to review our previous blogs and catch up!

With children closing their academic courses, taking final exams, or choosing a career for next year, it can be a good time to delve into new ideas if you feel stressed right now. If exercising doesn’t work for you, or you don’t have time … if eating lettuce-based diet tires you or you don’t want to know anything about Jacobson … here are some new tips that might work for you:

Do you know what really stresses you? Is your boss? Taking kids to the pool? Make a list of those situations that cause you the most stress and think about how you can deal with them. Can you reduce the number of times you do stressful things? Can you change these activities for others? Can just avoid them? Specialists call this ‘stress inoculation’ … google it for more info!

Have you ever tried to physically relax through breathing or meditation? Mind-body relaxation is essential and good breath control works wonders. Specific techniques of yoga or meditation such as conscious breathing, stopping of thought or controlling negative and repetitive thoughts are great allies in our worst moments.

So… get your batteries ready and face this end of the course positively with techniques we just shared with you! One step more… the holidays are so close!!

In our blogs and newsletters we have dedicated lots of pages to tell you how important it is to choose healthy food and carry out healthy activities to improve your life but … nothing matters if a ‘perfect quinoa cooker’ eats his creation fast and leaning against the washing machine.

The healthy ingredients we always discover you, the most respectful cooking techniques, the healthiest combinations and dishes and, of course, all the physical activities we always talk about, are essential to be healthy… but, without any doubt, the environment in which we integrate these activities is essential too. Can you imagine a yoga session in the middle of the Passeig de Gràcia metro tunnel? Difficult, right?

Environment is a key element in our well-being and health. It is easy to understand that it is not the same to live in the middle of the countryside, with minimal pollutants, than in one of the most crowded and polluted cities in the world. But, although the macroenvironment plays a key role, so does what we could call ‘microenvironment’, that is, the closest environment: for example, where we eat (kitchen, living room, dining room…), how it is configured and decorated (chairs, tables …) and, also, with who we share our meals.

An organized environment helps our mood and reduces stress. (We will cover this topic in future blogs and newsletters!). For this reason, you will see that we take care of spaces with natural light, with plants that improve our mood and with natural products in our decoration.

Once we have a pleasant environment, we must find ‘our time’. It is useless to sit down and enjoy a magical environment if we only have 3 minutes to eat. Eating is one of the most important acts we do during the day and we must dedicate the time it deserves. And finally, something better than sharing a meal with someone? One looks for a better environment and dedicates more time to a meal if it has to be shared with someone special. Find that special person and enjoy.

And remember, eat well to live well!

For many of us, these dates are very special, moments of happiness and meetings with our loved relatives or friends. Traditionally, these meetings take place around tables filled of food and drinks. And then is when we can commit some excesses in our meals. While it is true that we must enjoy eating, we must prevent the typical excesses of these dates because they can harm us. For this purpose, we want to give you some advice.

Beware of typical foods we serve as snacks. If you put dishes to share in the centre of the table, serve a ration on your plate, because if not, you tend to lose the measure of how much you have already eaten. Starting meals with a rich and creative salad gives us more feeling of satiety, then we avoid chopping many other not so healthy food.

Avoid saturated fats or fatty or low quality sausages. Replace the processed sauces with natural home-made sauces and with spices and herbs and accompany your dishes with garnishes of fresh vegetables. A good idea that does not add fat or calories to your meals are boiled or grilled seafood, instead of fried or breaded ones.

Healthy recommendations for Christmas

Do not forget fruit as a dessert, for example, pineapple, which also turns out to be very digestive. Or you can also choose red fruits as a very elegant dessert option. With respect to the typical Christmas sweets and desserts, we can take them in moderation and only the days and meals that are celebratory. The rest of the non-holidays at Christmas / New Year period, we will avoid eating them, and in addition, we will take special care of the food to compensate for those small and inevitable excesses.

We must also be careful with sodas and sugary drinks, instead, we can enjoy infusions or fruit juices. And of course, do not abuse alcoholic drinks.

Of course, on these dates, you must continue with your exercise plan, a good excuse to continue enjoying the company of your family and / or friends.

With these tips your Christmas time will be healthier. And remember that in these dates and during the year 2020, #Greenvita continues to help you eat well!

Happy Christmas and happy new 2020!

It’s been 4 years since we planted in Viladecans with the first GreenVita Restaurant in 2016, and here we continue! Although the passing of the years has made us learn and evolve, there is one thing that is clear, our concept and philosophy remains the same as the first day.

And it is what cannot be fought against the essence, and ours has always been linked to healthy and balanced food, transparency, flexibility, ingenuity and honesty. We believed and we believe that this series of adjectives could change lives, and we have succeeded in creating good habits in millions of people regarding food and leading an active and healthy life.

How have we achieved it? Offering proposals made with products that always meet our quality, ecological and natural requirements. Our menu hides as good tasting recipes as they are for our body, healthy, nutritious and for everyone’s enjoyment, always thinking of the various food sensitivities that converge today in our society.

We are a plural restaurant chain, which enhances the Plant-Based Diet, which we have already talked about in past Newsletters. Because we believe in the future and sustainability and support any measure that favors the care of the environment, such as the consumption of seasonal or proximity products and the already named organic products. We also include meat options, yes, 100% organic!

Thanks to all this, we have been able to reach more people every day and become a great family that values ​​the care of both the environment and theirs and their own. This is GreenVita! And as we want to continue adding with you, we will soon open a new store in Barcelona … Do you know where? On October 25 in Sarrià, we are waiting for you all with the greatest enthusiasm and the best proposals!

As a result of this agreement, signed on December 28 at the GreenVita restaurant in Parc Vallès, the GreenVita brand will have a presence inside and outside the Olympic stadium of Terrassa, GreenVita Parc Vallès will host the celebration of the winning teams of the club, and the members of FC Terrassa, their players and their families will be able to enjoy a series of advantages in GreenVita Parc Vallès included in the agreement.

With this sponsorship, GreenVita reinforces its commitment to a healthy lifestyle where eating, physical exercise and healthy habits are the three main axes.


Founded by Joan Manel Gili y Dunia Moreno, it opened its first restaurant in December 2016 and in a short time it has become one of the preferred dining options. A proposal of quality at affordable prices, in areas of high traffic and with a large exposure to a wide range of customers have been key to adjust an innovative concept, fully aligned with a healthy lifestyle that has an increasingly high demand in today’s society.

After these first two years of activity in which organic quinoa, organic rice, local fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, poultry, cooked on the grill, sautéed or steamed, are positioned against numerous alternatives, means, in addition, that the business is well-tuned, that the menu proposal is versatile enough for very different audiences and that the price positioning chosen by the brand is what the customer can and wants to pay.

The philosophy of the brand focuses on exciting and surprising customers through its culinary offerings, excellent service and cozy premises with lots of light and decoration where natural materials prevail, under the values ​​of flexibility, transparency and honesty.

Currently, GreenVita has a staff of more than 100 employees, 5 establishments located in the city of Barcelona and surrounding areas: Parc Vallés, Splau, Glòries, Diagonal and Viladecans The Style Outlets.