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We wanted to call this blog “put a partner plant in your life”; so, let’s go with our ideas:

You can talk to it and it will never argue with you… something that, even your best friend, will never be able to do… perhaps is for this reason that, many studies say that living surrounded by plants, improves our mood.

They don’t smoke, they don’t leave dirty clothes smelling everywhere … On the contrary! They are an excellent air filter that purifies the environment; almost better than a HEPA filter!

They do not rest on the walls or windows leaving stains, nor use the bathroom or shower. In fact, they prevent mold, reduce ambient humidity and are ideal for maintaining a healthy environment, especially if we have people with allergies around us.

They don’t laugh out loud with any Youtube nonsense, nor do they use TV. In fact, they reduce noise because they are natural sound absorbers.

They don’t get up in the morning with bad breath or disheveled hair. They’re always beautiful every time you look at them.

And some can feed you, because we can use aromatic plants or fruit ones to decorate our house or our terraces, thus cultivating our own healthy food. Healthy eating in our home can also depend on them!

Of course, they need you to take care of them, to water them, to provide them with the necessary nutrients and to find them a good place in your home, with the light they need. You know, like people, not everyone is the same. Some feel more comfortable outside your home while others love that little corner near your couch; some need semi-direct light and others enjoy the penumbra more; some will disappear with winter to return when spring comes, while others will be by your side all year round.

It is for these and other reasons that, at GreenVita, we are fans of plants, and not only as decoration, but also as essential ingredients in our dishes and our healthy cooking.

You know, put a couple plant in your life … and remember, eat well, live well!

Do you have 5 minutes per day? Why not using them to infuse some plants and enhance your life? Let see how.

We all have stressing lives, but this should not be an excuse for neglecting our living habits. Making some simple things during the day can improve your health exponentially. This is the reason why, in GreenVita, you will always find easy and fast tricks to be healthier. If you want to know these ideas, please, subscribe to our Newsletter… but, meanwhile, lets go to the point.

Infusion is one of the most powerful weapons we have to extract benefits from plants and species. It is well known, since ancient times, that ‘herbs’ are not only a good way of spicing up dishes but also to improve our health. Rosemary, ginger, thyme… are only some of the never-ending options we can use in our cuisine but also infusion.

Ready to boil water? Wait! Warm water, but not to 100 degrees! Boiling can destroy some of the flavors and properties of plants, so avoid it. (Moreover, if you boil the ‘herb’ you will prepare a ‘tisane’ not a infusion).


Ready to choose your favourite?

-Give ‘chamomile’ a chance: a classic for nausea or digestive disorders Leave the almax behind and give it a try.

-Always ‘balm’ and ‘linden’ in your kitchen: they have been and are one of the most natural ways to calm nerves due to their relaxing properties. Exams? An important interview? Better a linden than an anxiolytic.

-My love is ‘valerian’: sedative, relaxing and perfect for falling asleep. Go to sleep with her!

-The exotic touch of ‘ginger’: ideal for dizziness, muscle aches and digestion. Let’s its spicy touch conquer your mouth.

Enough information for today, we guess. So, be bold and (almost) boil some water for your infusion!!

See you soon!