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The ‘return to normality’, after the holidays, requires recovering our daily routines; among them, having a good and nutritious breakfast that will fuel us for the whole day. Find out more on this blog!

We are already in September and, with that, we are in the routine of the school year and work again. This not only means saying goodbye to our vacations and to our days at the beach, but also, for a great majority, means trips to school with children, the hustle and bustle in the city, stress, huge expenses, in short … Madness arrives!

Although this year ‘the return from holidays’ is different and full of doubts, due to the COVID19 situation in which we are still immersed, it is no less true that we must maintain and improve our healthy habits in that complex situation, and there are things that we can do. One of them is having a good breakfast!

At Greenvita we want to talk about something that helps a lot to get back into the routine. We are talking about breakfast, which is considered ‘the most important meal of the day’. We will start by saying breakfast is not the most important meal, all meals are important! Taking this into account, it is the one that supplies us with the nutrients and energy to start the morning after a long period of fasting so, it’s not time to minimize or ignore its importance. But, what is the idea breakfast?

Do you want the truth? There is no ideal breakfast, but there are 3 important food groups (dairy products, fruit and cereals) that should not be missed to complete a nutritious and healthy breakfast. With this we are not saying that this is then only possibility, there are many options and alternatives! Whatever you do, become aware of what you are eating and do not get carried away by brands that sell their products as ‘the best you can have for breakfast’. Also avoid the temptation of processed, sweetened, nutrient-poor, or high-calorie products (such as pasta, juices and sugary cereals, white breads, etc.) and avoid skipping it. It is important to make 5 daily intakes of food that, in a distributed way, would correspond to first thing in the morning (upon waking up), mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner. You know, those who eat well live well, and a good breakfast is ideal to start living from the first hour!

Mastering breakfast?  We recommend you to add natural, ecological and local products to your first meal of the day (but not only in it), which will improve your daily life and that of many people around you.

And remember, at GreenVita we have an extensive menu, full of proposals that, in addition to being delicious, are 100% healthy. Maybe you won’t arrive here for breakfast, because children don’t take care of themselves alone! … But stop by for lunch or dinner! We will wait for you! Eating well and healthy outside your home is not so difficult if you pay us a visit!

At GreenVita we always give you the best advice to take care of our diet and lead a healthy and active life. Our philosophy and values ​​always lead us to use products that are top quality, seasonal, Km0, ecological and 100% natural. Therefore, our food is intrinsically supportive of the health and care of our body. For this reason today we want to talk about something very important, that the media has been echoing lately: Environmental health and the problem of plastics.

Pollution by plastic has become one of the most worrisome environmental problems, since the increase in the production of these products has come to exceed the capacity of the world to dispose of them.

Plastic bags and food wrappers, for example, have a useful life of minutes to hours, but they persist in the environment for hundreds of years. It is estimated that they can take at least 400 years to decompose. However, supermarkets present us with a picture as integrated in our retinas as it is alarming.

Finding a plastic bag floating in the sea is something so common to see, that it seems to have become banal, and unfortunately this is just a small visible fraction of the problem.

Microplastics result from plastic objects that, when exposed to the sun, water, wind and other adversities, end up decomposing the material and reducing it to tiny particles. These spread through the water column and have been found in all corners of the planet, from Everest, the highest place, to the Mariana Trench, the deepest point. Likewise, plastic microfibers have been discovered in municipal drinking water systems and traveling in the air.

This situation is affecting the entire planet in a devastating and silent way. There is evidence that plastic has affected 700 species, including edangered species. Not only ending their lives, but the animals that we eat have been consuming plastic for the length of their lives, and this ends in our body. Hence, scientists have detected that it is possible that humans could be consuming between 39,000 and 52,000 particles of microplastics per year. Adding estimates of the amount of microplastics that we could inhale, this figure amounts to more than 74,000 …

At this point, how can we contribute to the reduction of this type of waste?

  • Recycling: We can’t make the plastic that we have already bought go away, but we can recycle it, so that it is reused for other purposes and thus avoid the production of new plastic.
  • Buying products without plastic: Purchasing in the market, where the products are sold in bulk and from hand to hand, can be a good strategy, plus it is a product of proximity and seasonal, which gives added value to its quality.
  • Replacing your plastic bags: Recycle the plastic you have and start using mesh or cloth bags, nowadays there are more brands that distribute them and, besides … There are very cute ones!
  • Taking cleaning walks: If you are one of those who like to walk, take advantage of that to help in the maintenance of beaches and fields. It not only helps to reduce plastic waste in natural areas, but helps to prevent fires in the case of forests if you find any other residue such as crystals.
  • Buying and consuming in eco-friendly places: At GreenVita we are fans of eco-friendly products, so in our variety of proposals you will find not only exquisite dishes, but also respectful with the environment.

As always, at GreenVita we would like to remind you of the importance of being aware of the impact of our actions on the planet and invite you to integrate in your day-to-day customs that, although they may seem insignificant, they count towards contributing to taking care of our environment and proportionally our health.

Taking care of the planet means taking care of oneself! Welcome to our universe!