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Good morning #GreenViters! As we know that today you start a new day, full of energy and health as always, today we want to talk about a very important element and generator of well-being in our lives: the sun.

It has always been, and will be, both the reason for our existence and a source of renewable energy but, in addition, the sun also presents multiple benefits for our health (always taking the appropriate precautions during long exposures).

First, sunbathing (5-10 minutes between two and three times a week) helps produce a very precious vitamin in our body: vitamin D. This vitamin is very important to help the body in the process of mineralization of bones, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis. The production of this vitamin also helps increase circulation by reducing blood pressure.

Secondly, sunbathing not only improves the appearance of your skin from an aesthetic point of view, but also helps your skin to remove impurities trapped in your body. Also, the sun produces a stimulating effect on our defenses, since it has been shown that the sun is capable of increasing the number of white blood cells (our defenders against external agents trying to enter our body).

Finally, it is demonstrated that the seasons of the year with the highest solar incidence in us are those that present higher levels of happiness. Behind this statement is a scientific reason, and is that the sun’s rays (UV) increase the production of a neurotransmitter related to that feeling of happiness and well-being: serotonin. This neurotransmitter is related to the mood of our body, but also acts as a regulator of sleep and body temperature.

We hope you enjoyed our new blog post about the benefits of the sun on our health! Although, as you know, combining these benefits with other good lifestyle habits such as physical activity and a healthy and balanced diet, will help you improve the quality of your life up to levels that you have imagined. Eat well, live well!

Hello #GreenViters! How are you carrying the autumn? Are you ready for the cold? This season is characterized by a gradual decrease in temperatures and also a decrease of the hours in which we can enjoy the energy and warmth of the sun. We just released a change in our clocks, which undoubtedly, at least the first few days, affects our biorhythm, our body and can also be noticed in our mood.

That is why we want to tell you about the importance and the benefits of exposing ourselves to the sun also in autumn and winter. Sun baths benefit our bones, since vitamin D, which is essential for the correct mineralization of those, is only activated by the sun’s rays. Sunbathes, taken in moderation, also benefits our skin. It helps prevent and improve acne and severe cases of psoriasis. Sun is also favorable for our immune system, because it contributes to increase our white blood cells, the first defense army of the organism.

We can also feel the benefits of sunbathing in our mood, due to solar radiation promotes the synthesis of serotonin, a substance related to well-being, and which also helps regulate our sleep. In the same way, ultraviolet rays of the sun regulate the production of the regulatory hormone of sleep cycles, this is melatonin. The sun’s rays reduce melatonin levels and this helps us feel more awake during the day. And as a curiosity, it is also claimed that the sun’s rays slightly increase testosterone levels, which in both women and men, is the desire hormone.

With all these benefits that the sun king brings us, there is no excuse to look for a moment to practice physical exercise in the open air or simply go for a walk in the hours when the sun is well shining. And of course, do not forget to eat well to live well! See you next month!