Tips for a Stress-free Return to Routine

¡Hi Greenviters! After a well-deserved summer vacation, returning to our daily routine can be quite taxing. There is often a stressful period of transition which can affect our health and wellbeing. Still, there are some effective strategies that we can use to try and alleviate this stress and make this return to work and daily routine easier. Here are some tips to make this transition much smoother. 

1. Plan in advance: Planning is key to reducing stress. Before you go back to work, take your time to organize your tasks and priorities. This will help you feel more in control and ready for what is to come.

2. Maintain a sleep routine: When we are on vacation, our bedtime routine tends to get a little off track. Try to gradually readjust your sleep schedule so that you get enough rest before your return to work.

3. Healthy diet: A balanced diet is essential to maintain stable energy levels. Help your return to the daily routine by including healthy food in your meals and avoiding excess of sugar and caffeine.

4. Time for you: Spend time on doing relaxing activities that make you feel well, such as meditation, yoga or simply going outdoors for a walk. These activities can help you relieve stress.

5. Open communication: Speak with your boss and workmates about your needs and preoccupations. Speaking openly can help you reduce work-related anxiety.

6. Establish realistic goals: Define achievable goals for your return to work and the daily routine. This will allow you to get a sense of accomplishment and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by high expectations.

7. Learn to say ‘no’: Stress often stems from trying to take on too many responsibilities. When needed, try to say ‘no’ in a gentle, but assertive manner.

8. Short breaks: Program short breaks during your working day to disconnect and restore your energy. Even a few minutes can make a difference when it comes to bringing down your levels of stress.

9. Keep a positive attitude: Face challenging situations with a positive mind. Emotional resilience can give you the motivation you need to overcome obstacles more easily.

10. Care for your mental wellbeing: If you feel that stress is becoming completely overwhelming, consider talking with a mental health professional. There is nothing wrong with looking for support when needed.

Going back to the daily routine after vacation can be a stress-free experience if you implement those few strategies. Remember that the transition is a process and, as such, it takes time. So, be kind to yourself and move step by step towards a more balanced routine. With these ten tips, you will be ready to face challenges with serenity and confidence.