We debunk the myth!

Desmentimos el mito de que comer fuera de casa no es saludable | Restaurante en Barcelona, Greenvita

the myth that eating out is not healthy

Many times we have to eat away from home. Whether for work reasons, lack of time or to meet and celebrate with family or friends. Sometimes, when we decide to live a healthy life, when thinking about eating out, we believe that we are going to take a few steps back in what has already been achieved, but nothing is further from the truth! We deny the myth that eating out is not healthy, as long as we make conscious choices.

The European Food Information Council (EUFIC) proposes the following in order to maintain a balanced diet when we decide to eat out:

Do not eat more than you should

When we go out to eat, we usually end up eating too much. Consume according to your appetite and ask the service to prepare what is left to take away.

If you have to abuse something, do it with vegetables

In our diet we should try to consume a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. When we eat away from home, this maxim is no exception. Opt for salads, side dishes made from freshly cooked fresh vegetables and fruit desserts.

At GreenVita we have a wide variety of salads: Free-range Chicken Caesar, Pink Tomato & Burrata, Quinoa & Grilled Avocado, just to give some ideas, which are healthy and most importantly DELICIOUS. If you like to close your dishes with a rich and tasty dessert, why not choose one that has fruit?

We have a wide variety of desserts with that portion of fruit that we are looking for, such as our Apple & Goji Crumble, our Mango & Matcha Tiramisu or the glass with White Chocolate and Pomegranate, endless options so there are no excuses.

Meat is a good option to satisfy us

The ideal is to choose low-fat cuts and ask for grilled or roasted meat such as our Pasture Beef Loin accompanied with roasted purple and white potatoes, and a good portion of vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and roasted onions with thyme dressing. Another great ally for lovers of lean meat is chicken.

At GreenVita you can choose Grilled Free-range Chicken with Mustard & Pomegranate or Teriyaki Chicken accompanied by roasted leek, carrot and edamame.

Pollo de corral a la brasa en Barcelona | Restaurante de comida saludable en Barcelona

Fish should not be left aside

Fish should not be left aside as it is a great option rich in fatty acids such as Omega 3 and is easily digestible. You can choose blue fish such as salmon, sardines or tuna or white fish such as hake or cod, either grilled, baked or grilled.

Our options for you, Greenviter, is our delicious Salmon & Tzatziki plate, refreshing for the summer weather, accompanied by sautéed seasonal vegetables or our Tuna and Avocado accompanied by Grilled Avocado, delicious, roasted pink tomato and arugula sprayed with basil infused oil.

Let’s not forget our other source of protein, eggs!

Our Free Range Egg dishes such as Grilled Eggs with Feta Cheese & Spinach or Grilled Eggs with Potatoes & Truffled Mushrooms are at another level of good ideal for that balanced meal away from home.

As for pasta, it doesn’t have to be a sin

Choose whole-grain pasta that contains more fiber and nutrients, whole-grain is also valid for rice and bread.

At GreenVita we have two options of organic whole-grain pasta, our Squid & Black Garlic dish made with organic whole-grain spaghetti accompanied by black garlic aioli, BRUTALLY tasty, or our option with an oriental and less traditional twist like our Pad Thai Veggie with rice pasta and tamarind sauce, a real delight.

Source of vegetable protein

Lastly, another recommendation is about legumes as they are an excellent source of vegetable protein and fiber and also make us feel full for longer as our stomach takes longer to digest them.

Food is our ally to enjoy a healthy life, whether we eat at home or choose to eat away from home. The key, as in many facets of life, consists in balance, in variety, in a good, conscious choice, and in moderation.

Enjoy life and enjoy good eating Greenviter!
Here you live well and you eat well.