What is jackfruit?

Superalimentos | Restaurante de comida sana en Barcelona Greenvita

We are delighted to greet you again and to be in touch month after month through our #blog

We are fans at #greenvita, of sharing with you our philosophy as a restaurant and the #healthykitchen cooking style that we offer you every day in our restaurants:

 * fresh ingredients, without processed

 * natural flavors, no chemical additives

 * cooked to order, with the ingredients received daily in our restaurants

 * in an open kitchen, so you can see how the #GreenVita chefs work

And since the quality and variety of ingredients are at the center of everything we do, this month we are celebrating.  We launch a new menu and that means new ingredients with excellent properties and a rich flavor to continue taking care of your #health: jackfruit, violet potato, activated charcoal bread, watermelon radish, new ingredients that combined with our star ingredients (fresh fish, free-range chicken, veal of pasta, rice and organic pasta) will make it difficult to you to know what to choose in our restaurants

Let’s start at the beginning, what is jackfruit?.  We explain it to you in this video

And now that you know what jackfruit is, what are you waiting for to come and try it in our restaurants?