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Greenviter, surely you have heard that probiotics are good for our body and our health, but what really are probiotics and what are their benefits?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in the intestine that maintain, and even improve, the body to keep it happy and healthy.

The WHO (World Health Organization) defines probiotics as “live microorganisms, which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a beneficial effect on the health of the subject who receives them”.

The benefits of these bacteria help us facilitate digestion, strengthen our immune system and help improve the absorption of nutrients.

  • Knowing that probiotics are an ally for our body, it is important to highlight some of their benefits.
  • Fight diseases such as cancer, hemorrhoids, urinary infection and candidiasis
  • Prevent intestinal diseases such as colitis, Crohn’s disease, intestinal inflammation and colitis
  • It helps us against constipation, moderating intestinal transit
  • Fights acidity and improves our digestion
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients such as calcium, iron and vitamin B
  • Strengthens the immune system and prevents the reproduction of bad bacteria in our intestine
  • It helps us improve our mood, since there is a direct relationship between the balance of the intestinal flora with a decrease in diseases such as anxiety and depression

Now, there are two ways to ingest probiotics, either by increasing your intake of foods that contain it or through supplements.

Our Menu

At GreenVita we are dedicated to healthy cooking and healthy eating that is beneficial for your well-being and is also absolutely exquisite.

That is why in our menu you can find dishes with ingredients that are main sources of probiotics so that you receive your intake of these microorganisms that are good for you, Greenviter.

  • Yogurt – Perhaps the best known source of probiotics, it is ideal for getting your daily probiotic intake.
  • Why not indulge yourself with our Artisan Yogurt dessert that, in addition to being delicious, you can consume probiotics to keep your body happy.
  • Kombucha – A fermented drink that contains endless beneficial properties, one of them, probiotics for the proper functioning of our body.
  • Accompany your dishes at GreenVita with our refreshing Kombucha available with Ginger or Verbena.
  • Miso – A key ingredient in Japanese cuisine that is another very good source of probiotics due to its high content of umami, a natural flavor enhancer.
  • We dare you to try our hot starter Eggplant Miso & Feta
  • Kimchi – Korean variant of sauerkraut, is a fermented Chinese cabbage that is another very good rich source of probiotics.
  • We recommend you try our Tuna Poke containing Kimchi or our Eco Kimchi Red Rice, absolutely fa-bu-lous.

It is important to include probiotics in our diet on a regular basis, especially at times when we go through digestive discomfort, intestinal discomfort or periods of increased stress, as it helps to keep our intestinal flora balanced and therefore keep our body comfortable and healthy.

To healthy brunch? Yes, yes, healthy brunch! 😜

From the English words breakfast and lunch, the name and meaning of brunch is born, a combination of breakfast and lunch dishes regardless of whether they are salty or sweet, “healthy brunch”.

When it comes to brunch, for GreenVita, there is only one “healthy brunch” option: unprocessed, without artificial additives, with the flavor and nutrients of fresh brunch.

The origin

The origin of the brunch concept arises when the employees of the families of the British elite left large banquets prepared for their masters to enjoy on Sunday and have a wide variety of dishes available while their employees were absent during their weekly rest day.

This trend became popular over the years and expanded, reaching the United States, a country where brunch is best known since 1930.

Healthy brunch | Greenvita, restaurante de comida saludable en Barcelona
Brunch enjoyers in the 1930’s (Source: Ephemeral New York)

At the beginning, the story tells that brunch was designed for Sundays, a day when people had more time to relax, they got up later and therefore ended up mixing breakfast and lunch, but like everything in life, things evolve.

Today brunch is not only exclusive to Sundays, it is a restaurant service with premises dedicated exclusively to this service and that offer it every day of the week.

Some benefits of brunch

  • Has a usually flexible and extensive schedule where you don’t have to worry about waking up early “having brunch” or because it’s too late to eat
  • There is no formal meal structure based on starter, main and dessert, eat what you want, how you want and how much you want
  • Do you fancy something sweet or savory? Among the brunch options it is usual to mix sweet and savory food options
  • Allows you to make a quick meal when time is short
  • Share or not, it’s your choice
  • Alone or accompanied?, it’s your choice

Opening soon!, GreenVita Healthy Coffee & Brunch

At GreenVita we love going to Brunch, that’s why we’ve decided to offer you our own GreenVita healthy coffee & brunch 😝

Your ideal place to start the day with a breakfast that fills you with energy, enjoy a light meal on days when time is short or close an intense day with an afternoon accompanied by a GreenVita-style gastronomic proposal.

Without processing, without artificial additives, without fried foods, with the flavor and nutrients of real, fresh, whole or organic ingredients.

Healthy brunch | Greenvita, restaurante de comida saludable en Barcelona

From salads, toast, eggs, burgers, tacos to a wide range of healthy temptations, natural juices and coffees. Come and experience it, don’t let them tell you about it!

Healthy brunch | Greenvita, restaurante de comida saludable en Barcelona

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