GreenVita celebrates seven years and continues its expansion with new channels and projects

The chain of healthy restaurants has nine establishments, 50,000 customers per month, more than 100 employees and a turnover of close to €10 million

Welcome Greenviters, we’re celebrating!

This November we’re celebrating the seventh anniversary of GreenVita, and we want to share with you our story from our beginnings until today. We would like to tell you about the new projects we are preparing and especially thank you for sharing all these years with us. Thank you for your trust and loyalty, and for making it possible for this project to become a reality.

We also want to express our gratitude to the more than one hundred employees, collaborators and suppliers who go all out to offer you the best service every day.

GreenVita was founded in Barcelona by Joan Manuel Gili and Dunia Moreno in 2016. Since then, this chain of healthy restaurants has been expanding its culinary philosophy and has today nine establishments, more than one hundred employees and close to 10 million euros turnover. The company wishes to mark the occasion of this anniversary by announcing its expansion plans and upcoming projects.

New workshop and premises at Fira de Barcelona

Throughout its seven years of life, GreenVita has managed to successfully consolidate itself in nine locations in Barcelona and its surroundings, in response to the growing demand for healthy and sustainable food options in the metropolitan area. Its constant growth is reflected in a turnover of close to 10 million euros. This is the result of the sales in restaurants, collaborations in projects linked to health and sustainability and online sales. In total, the chain serves more than 50,000 customers monthly through various channels.

This 2023, GreenVita has added to its capacity by opening a workshop in Barcelona, with the potential to elaborate more than 1,000 daily menus for catering services, events and food deliveries to companies. The chain has also opened a new restaurant at Fira de Barcelona in order to have a presence at the major events organised by this trade fair institution, such as the ISE and the MWC.

Upcoming Expansion Projects

On the other hand, the chain continues to develop its expansion plans, with the aim of opening new restaurants in the main business centres of Spain, Portugal and Andorra. To this end, the company is already looking for suitable premises. The objective is that a higher number of people can enjoy what GreenVita has to offer, which is focused on healthy and varied food in pleasant and accessible environments.

At the same time, two new projects led by GreenVita will soon see the light of day. The first is a pilot test with Carrefour to establish healthy food “corners” in their supermarkets. This will open a new channel to provide nutritious options to a wide variety of consumers.

Secondly, a new healthy and sustainable restaurant project is being finalised, with five large spaces being developed, created and managed by GreenVita in the new Norrsken Foundation centre in Barcelona. The spaces are aimed at the users of the foundation, which supports entrepreneurship focused on tackling big global challenges, such as poverty, famine, mental health, pollution and climate change.

Business Services and Online Menus

In 2016, entrepreneurs Joan Manuel Gili, an expert in the development of restaurant concepts, and Dunia Moreno, an economist specialised in marketing and communication, joined forces to give life to GreenVita, a gastronomic offer based on healthy cuisine, quality ingredients and customer satisfaction.

The GreenVita’s vision is to offer food that is both good in the palate and good for the body through a wide assortment of fresh dishes which contain no fried food, processed ingredients or artificial additives.

With this concept, GreenVita has become a benchmark for healthy food, offering a rich variety of options: salads and pasta bowls, grilled meat and fish, hamburgers, tacos and delicious gluten-free desserts, as well as a varied selection of coffees, teas and beverages such as organic soft drinks and organic wines. The interior layout of each restaurant is carefully designed with natural plants, light colour shades, sustainable wood furniture and some passing nods to environmental sustainability, such as recycled cardboard lamps.

Also, the staff of the restaurants have been fundamental to the success of GreenVita over the years. It is a team of more than a hundred professionals, most of them with a long career in company and focused on offering the best customer experience.

The business model of GreenVita’s restaurants is complemented by catering and event services, as well as an online store that allows you to order dishes or whole menus on the website for subsequent home delivery or collection at one of the chain’s establishments.

Joan Manuel Gili and Dunia Moreno, the co-founders of GreenVita, explain that “healthy and sustainable food has gone from being a choice to becoming a lifestyle, especially for those who eat out. This has been demonstrated by the great reception we have had in these first seven years, so we think that the time has come to explore new channels, open up to other business opportunities and be present in more cities. We want to continue promoting the elements that distinguish us: a diet based on fresh and quality ingredients, together with a close and professional service.

About GreenVita

Founded in 2016, GreenVita is a chain of healthy restaurants that focuses on offering food that is good in the palate and good for the body at the same time. Currently, it has got nine establishments in Barcelona and surroundings (Sant Cugat, Viladecans, Mataró, Terrassa and Cornellà), as well as menu services for companies, catering and events, and an online ordering platform with home delivery or pick up. The group has more than 100 employees and more than 50,000 customers per month, and has begun its expansion through Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

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