The best infusions for your body and mind. They got the power!

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Do you have 5 minutes per day? Why not using them to infuse some plants and enhance your life? Let see how.

We all have stressing lives, but this should not be an excuse for neglecting our living habits. Making some simple things during the day can improve your health exponentially. This is the reason why, in GreenVita, you will always find easy and fast tricks to be healthier. If you want to know these ideas, please, subscribe to our Newsletter… but, meanwhile, lets go to the point.

Infusion is one of the most powerful weapons we have to extract benefits from plants and species. It is well known, since ancient times, that ‘herbs’ are not only a good way of spicing up dishes but also to improve our health. Rosemary, ginger, thyme… are only some of the never-ending options we can use in our cuisine but also infusion.

Ready to boil water? Wait! Warm water, but not to 100 degrees! Boiling can destroy some of the flavors and properties of plants, so avoid it. (Moreover, if you boil the ‘herb’ you will prepare a ‘tisane’ not a infusion).


Ready to choose your favourite?

-Give ‘chamomile’ a chance: a classic for nausea or digestive disorders Leave the almax behind and give it a try.

-Always ‘balm’ and ‘linden’ in your kitchen: they have been and are one of the most natural ways to calm nerves due to their relaxing properties. Exams? An important interview? Better a linden than an anxiolytic.

-My love is ‘valerian’: sedative, relaxing and perfect for falling asleep. Go to sleep with her!

-The exotic touch of ‘ginger’: ideal for dizziness, muscle aches and digestion. Let’s its spicy touch conquer your mouth.

Enough information for today, we guess. So, be bold and (almost) boil some water for your infusion!!

See you soon!